Monday, 13 March 2017

Fruit Shoot Celebrating Individuality #itsmything

My boys were sent a very exciting delivery from Fruit Shoot as part of their #itsmything campaign to help my boys embrace their own passions.  

Let’s be honest many parents (myself included at times) try and shape the direction of their children.  Yet it so very important they have the freedom to explore their own interests and express their personality, finding out their strengths in the process and feeling good about their own individual achievements.  It’s not all about academic ability or winning; they just need to find their own thing whatever that may be!

Children are under so much pressure these days we all have ideas about how children should behave, society chips in, schools, other parents, family and friends – even people in the street sometimes feel an overwhelming urge to comment!!!  Fruit Shoot found that all that pressure could actually end up limiting creativity and confidence, I fully support what the #itsmything is trying to achieve. 

The FruitShootGB Facebook page is an excellent starting point as its currently celebrating quirky and fun kids things with a series of awesome videos featuring horse riding, rope swinging, dancing and skateboarding.  If you let your child try lots of different things they may find the one (or more!) that truly inspires them!

Play should not always be structured; children need the freedom to see what they are capable of themselves.  They learn lots of valuable lessons about their own capabilities.  My boys are happiest when they can make their own decisions, it can be relaxing following your own pursuits.  Although they also learn to resolve their own problems and conflict, without becoming reliant on a parent always jumping in to sort out their issues.  Yes I was that helicopter parent, but I am trying, I do make sure the boys have the opportunity to try out a wide range of activities and take full advantage of anything going on in our local community.

The Fruit Shoot brand already slots in perfectly to our lives; we always grab a few bottles to keep the boys hydrated on days out and during sports activities.  Fruit Shoot ticks all the boxes, as a mum I am happy they are free from artificial colours and flavours, have no added sugars and have real fruit in them.  On the other hand the boys are all about appreciating the flavours and the handy bottle for on the go adventures.

My boys really enjoyed the Go Find It activity; basically you have a bag of cards with different words on like crunch, heavy, smelly and bendy.  You dish out a card to your child and they dash off to find something to match that description.  

It was interesting seeing what captured their eye.  They were left to their own devices to find a suitable object!  

All that running around was thirsty work but thankfully Fruit Shoot took care of that side of things!

The bug hunting set went down a treat too.  The boys are both inquisitive and nature really interests them.  It's great they learnt how to carefully handle insects and to return them safely home afterwards.

Does your child have an interest they really enjoy?


  1. It's so nice to get out and explore nature isn't it? I agree I much prefer play to be unstructured and allow children to follow their interests.

  2. I love trying new things with the boys. Both of mine are sport Mad with Maxi playing every weekend and Mini loves anything to do with history

  3. We loved the card game too! My children are mostly into gymnastics and swimming. I do try to get them outside as much as possible as well though.

  4. What great fun! Sounds like the perfect way to get them running around! We are big fans of Fruit Shoot too!

  5. It is so lovely to see kids exploring the world around them, we are big fans of fruit shoot too