Thursday, 2 March 2017

Lucy Watson Fundraiser for PETA #LWfundraiser

Lucy Watson former Made In Chelsea star and her rather adorable Pomeranian Digby are raising money for PETA UK Charity.  I love it when celebrities get behind a cause to help raise its profile and Lucy Watson is very passionate about campaigning for animal rights so seems a natural choice for something like this.

Watch her video below to learn more about why she picked PETA and what she is hoping to achieve:

You can contribute to her money pot and help put an end to unethical make-up testing, I don’t really wear makeup myself but when I do I will make a conscious effort to check that no animals have been harmed.  I do feel strongly for what Lucy is trying to achieve, as I don’t think animals should be injured or killed for vanity.  I think it’s very cruel and unnecessary.

Lucy Watson would like to raise £10,000 so if you can add anything at all it will help immensely.  If you can’t donate at the moment just share the post so as many people as possible can read about her campaign and in turn hopefully spare a £1 or two.  As an added incentive if you use the hashtag #LWfundraiser when you share the campaign you have the chance of winning a lipstick from a cruelty free brand.  So not only is Lucy raising much needed funds she is making people aware there are alternatives, brands that don’t harm animals.  We have choices as consumers and if more people choose those brands other companies would have to change how they do things.

Leetchi make it easy for this campaign to gain momentum, raising funds with a platform like this means you can quickly spread the word about your cause and reach a wider audience.  The hardest part of fundraising is being noticed, but with Leetchi you can share to facebook and twitter with a quick click of a button!  Just don't forget to add the hashtag #LWfundraiser too!

If this cause has touched you and you want to do more to help animals, do have a look through the Leetchi fundraising site at the other animal related money pots.


  1. What a lovely idea - people really do love their pets and it is brilliant to see a famous face promoting something so worthwhile. Will share! xxx

  2. I've always loved the work that PETA do - really glad to see them get some celeb backing

  3. I have no idea who she is but sounds like she is doing great work and hope they make their target

  4. Aww this is lovely! Has she left MIC then? I'm a series or two behind and I love Lucy!!! x