Thursday, 23 March 2017

Top Tips for Dogs Oral Care

It’s a sad statistic but 80% of dogs over the age of three have gum disease, so it’s vitally important to consider dog dental care.  My dog is almost three so its essential I have a good routine that keeps her teeth in tip top condition.  We are a nation of dog lovers so we really want to do what is best for our beloved pooches.  Here she is smiling having her tummy tickled!

Dogs are very clever at hiding pain, so they might be uncomfortable with their teeth and you might never know.  It helps if your dog trusts you and will let you look at the condition of their teeth, my dog will let me see inside her mouth and check on her teeth and gums.

If you cannot do this check for other signs, like a change in appetite, bleeding gums or possible swelling that can help you identify a problem.  It’s a big deal sorting out dog’s teeth in most cases they need to have a general anaesthetic for cleaning or removal of teeth, so its best if you can prevent problems before they start.

My dog loves Pedigree DentaStix and they are a huge help!  

These dental chews can reduce up to 80% of tartar build up so they have the ideal daily treat for your dog.  It helps she likes the taste (chicken or beef flavour) so we never have any issues with her not finishing her DentaStix. 

She has also tried the Fresh edition (with Green Tea Extract and Eucalyptus Oil), which freshened her breath nicely alongside the helpful benefits the chew already has.  

Whenever I bring the Dentastix out of the packet her tail starts wagging and her eyes keenly track the chew.

The unique X shape and texture makes cleaning your dogs teeth much more manageable.  

Dentastix are relatively inexpensive to buy, so when you’re doing your weekly shop don’t forget to throw a box of these chews into your trolley!

We also let our dog have raw carrots I started doing this as it meant she went off and gave me a bit of peace and quiet for a few minutes, not realising the added benefit that they are also great for dog’s teeth, helping remove particles of food stuck in their teeth.

I have tried brushing my dog’s teeth before but it ended up being a complete nightmare I need to try again but whilst she will let me look at her teeth she is never keen when I come close with her doggy toothbrush and special toothpaste!  It is something well worth establishing though so I am not yet defeated. 

Reading the information on the Pedigree website I think we were initially too ambitious I should have kept tooth brushing sessions short (even a few seconds) and built up from there.  I even skipped just letting her taste the toothpaste stage, so I do feel more confident trying again now that I know I need to gradually introduce her to the concept.

This post is a collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.


  1. Aww the Instagram shot of your dog is lovely! I think brands like Pedigree are great as they think of everything. It's hard to actually brush a dog's teeth but these sticks make that easier.

  2. Aaaw what a lovely dog you have. We've been using these for a while now and they definitely saved us having to use a toothbrush x x

  3. I never even thought that dogs would need dental care! Good job I don't have one ;)