Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Are you a healthy Eater?

I think we could eat better as a family we tend to have too many sugary snacks in the house.  But sometimes I NEED a pick me up after a tough day parenting; nothing beats chomping into a big bar of Dairy Milk when the boys are asleep after a challenging day!

I get fed up playing referee; I am exhausted trying to be a good mum, wife and work from home.  If a little sugar fix keeps me happy it can’t do too much harm can it???  Although my expanding waist is starting to think otherwise and as I edge closer to 40 I think its time to think about my heart.  We need to move away from convenience foods and cook wholesome meals from scratch.  I keep saying I will do better but it never seems to happen.

So I wasn’t overly optimistic about how I would fare on the NCC Home Learning Do you Eat Healthy Quiz?I only ended up getting three out of eight questions right so I have a lot more work to do when it comes to making the best choices about what we eat!!!

I want to establish good habits for the boys so they reach for the right foods.  Spinach is a great choice to perk you up!  Maybe not quite to the extent that worked for Popeye but nonetheless it’s worth adding it to your weekly shop!  I remember eating lots whilst pregnant on the advice of the midwife to top up my iron levels!  Having a toddler to run around after whilst pregnant meant I needed a boost.  Try not to boil if you want to keep as much nutrients as possible – its important to pick the right foods but also cook them in the best way to retain the goodness. Consider steaming as your less likely to overcook.

What did surprise me was the answer to the question “Out of the below options, which contains the most sugar per 100g? Dried Fruit, Cookies, Cake and Pies, Sauces and Instant Gravies or Jams, preserves and spreads”

I won’t give the answer away though as I would love for you guys to try the quiz for yourselves.  So what can you do if you score was a little embarrassing, how about making a vegetable patch with the kids, look at ways to make healthy eating fun for everyone in the family!  Good luck, now I just need to step away from the biscuit tin and chew on a raw carrot!!!

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  1. Sugar is so addictive too - surprising how much is in foods you just wouldn't expect.