Friday, 21 April 2017

Launch of Match Attax Extra & Competition

We were sent a selection of products from the latest Match Attax Extra Series and my boys were super impressed!  

Usually they drag their heels when I want to get review pictures for blog posts but with these they wanted to get cracking straight away - just so I would let them start opening all the packets!!! 

The floor was soon covered with the new collection, which launched on the 16th of March and includes the biggest signings from the January transfer window.  It kept the boys thoroughly entertained as they discussed the merits of different cards, let out squeals of delight when they found limited edition gold, silver and bronze cards and later they started exchanging cards with each other in earnest so they could get closer to finishing their collections.

They are already avid collectors of the earlier set; they spent any spare money getting packets of cards and seeing what players they get.  My two also enjoy swapping cards with friends after school, its amazing just how many children are fans of Match Attax both boys and girls. 

I don’t mind them spending their money on these cards otherwise they tend to stock up on sugary treats instead and I really worry about their teeth!  I used to get them packets too for good behaviour, doing well at school, being kind to each other or excelling at an activity.  These trading cards successfully motivate football fans aged between six and 12 and work out as inexpensive treats/bribes at £1 for a packet of nine trading cards!

Swapping cards can be quite a social activity and helps their skills in negotiation, when children realise they have a rare card they can try and bargain to get more cards in an exchange.

The Match Attax game for two players is fun too, I will be writing a second post with details of how to play.  Up until now the boys had stuck to collecting and admiring each other’s cards but I think they will find the game itself very enjoyable, as they have to carefully consider which players they want in their line-up, think about tactics and substitutions.

You can find out more information by visiting but don’t head off just yet; I have a competition to celebrate the new launch.  I am giving away a Match Attax Extra bundle to include: Topps Match Attax Extra 2016/17 Multipack (£5), Topps Match Attax Extra 2016/17 Midi Tin (£9.99), Topps Match Attax Extra 2016/17 Mini Tin (£5.99) and Topps Match Attax Extra 2016/17 starter pack (£4.99).  If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 18th of May.

Win a bundle of Match Attax Extra products

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