Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our Week

At the weekend we headed to a RSPB nature reserve you can read more about this visit over on my husband’s travel blog.  I was getting itchy feet as the last few weekends we have stayed close to home so it was nice to get out and do something different for a change.  Hubbie and I are like chalk and cheese, he is a home bird that would gladly mooch around the house whereas I like to stretch my wings and add a bit of variety to the weekends.  I work from home so come the weekend I have had enough of the place…

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I had an ulterior motive as I was hoping to wear the boys out as my youngest had a sleepover afterwards.  But he still managed to stay awake an extra 30 minutes compared to last time, nodding off at 11:30pm so it didn’t quite work as planned!  Although they were well behaved and it wasn’t as tough as some sleepovers can be, eldest is always determined to stay up as long as humanely possible so it’s usually 2:30am or just after for him and his friends.

The following day my boys got creative in the garden, what started out as quite a sedate activity just painting the tarmac nicely with brushes, turned into something else completely, with both boys dual wielding paint bottles and shaking them everywhere.  The end result was interesting if not a little MESSY!  But I do like moments like this as I think the boys will cherish them when they are older.  I am quite relaxed about mess because I like the boys having a certain amount of freedom to express themselves.

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The boys have had parents evenings earlier in the week with mixed success.  Youngest needs to concentrate more, I can sympathise with his teacher, as he is quite hard to get to focus on a task.  We have cracked reading though and he does like bigger more challenging books now so I am pleased about that.

I am excited to be getting a new nest of tables, it might only be a small change to the living room but it gets me closer to sorting it out!  I am done with big coffee tables that the boys just end up resting their feet on a bad habit I am working on stopping – no coffee table no temptation to do it after all!  Discrete tables I can tuck away are hopefully the way forward.

We also went out for tea and cake again, its turning into a bit of habit before karate and kickboxing but the coffee shop makes the most divine cakes and I just NEED to work my way through them all.  I did some freelance work this week writing wardrobe articles... so its my treat to myself as there is only so much you can say about wardrobes.

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  1. This looks a fab place to visit. What a lot of fun and getting kids out and about x