Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Thumb Chucks Giveaway #thumbchucks

I have teamed up with Thumb Chucks to giveaway on my blog two of their fabulous products (colour will be chosen at random) to three lucky winners.  I also have one each to giveaway on both my facebook and twitter pages so do please check those out and make sure you enter to maximise your chances!

With practise you can get quite skilled at controlling the roll.  I can’t wait for my boys Thumb Chucks to arrive to see how they get on.  It’s a simple concept but very addictive, you will soon find yourself wanting to master all the tricks and maybe come up with a few of your own!  They are very portable and lightweight so handy to have on you if you need something quick to occupy the kids!  Don’t reach for the iPad give them Thumb Chucks instead.

If you want to see the product in action watch this video by Thumb Chucks ambassador Weston Hamilton as he shows you how to do the Down the Ladder trick.  He does make it look easy with his super fast reflexes!!!

If you start to get talented at the tricks let the whole world know by sharing your videos with Thumb Chucks using the hashtag #thumbchucks.  You also have the chance to earn special rare belts, so your friends can quickly see just how good you are with Thumb Chucks.

It’s a great product that everyone will want to get their hands on I am sure, could this product signal the end of the yo-yo?  They look fantastic moving quickly in the dark as they light up that's for sure!!!

It's worthwhile following the Thumb Chucks social media pages to see when new tutorials are released to make the most out of the product.  They are available to buy for RRP £7.99 from toyshops, retailers and online but don’t forget to enter my competition by filling the form below by the 7th of May.

Win two Thumb Chucks each (three winners)


  1. These look fab. I think my middle boy would love this x

  2. look fun thanks for the giveaway