Thursday, 11 May 2017

Finding myself again

Sometimes I feel like I have lost some of my identity, I am no longer me but a “Mrs” or a “Mum” – both titles I love being but I think its important to find time for myself too!  I think my job can also be quite isolating, working from home it can be tempting to stay in my pyjamas all day and not make much of an effort.  I don’t have many face-to-face interactions so it doesn’t feel like it matters so much.  But I think I need to make some time for my appearance and for my interests so I don’t lose the end of my thirties in a blur of blogging in my pyjamas, playdates and endless housework!

I am thinking of writing a bucket list for turning 40 just to squeeze in some adventures and excitement before the BIG 4 0 descends on me.  Afternoon tea would have been on there; fortunately I can now tick that off as of yesterday!

The Oreo cake was heavenly, but stuffing my face with calories isn’t much of a challenge (its more a daily occurrence!), so it’s thinking of another 39 to add to the list that might be more thrilling.  My friend suggested jumping from a plane but I don’t think I would survive!!!  My heart is racing now with my feet safely on the ground just thinking about it.

I would love to finally get the hang of make-up, its something I never really wear I would love to gain confidence applying it and perhaps even trying false eyelashes like the ones from Eylure.  I cannot get over the choice, you can have very feminine and fluttery eye lashes or more short and defined ones.  I think it would be my favoured option over using one of these on my eyelashes, the curler looks like a weapon of torture!!!  I don't think I am brave enough...

They even have brow tamer on their site, with my Noel Gallagher eyebrows that's good to know! My best friends wear make up and just seem to be a dab hand at getting it right, from my experience I usually just end of jabbing myself in the eye trying to use eyeliner or applying it so thick and a bit wonky it looks so bad I have to try and scrub if off before meeting them!

I think I will have to look up some tutorials if I have any chance of ticking that off my list in time.  I guess I was never a girly girl; I was a tomboy favouring climbing trees with my brother, whilst the girls in school moved on to makeup and bras, I was quite happy in a vest top with my face scrubbed clean.  But as the laughter lines are becoming a bit more noticeable I would rather draw attention to other parts of me and pretty fluttering eyelashes would be lovely to have!  With enough practice I am sure I would get the hang of it and then it might give me the courage to try another one on the list – try facebook live for my blog!

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