Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Falling pregnant can be an exciting time.  I remember being very eager to meet my new arrivals; I loved my expanding tummy (until perhaps at the very end when it became so sore and uncomfortable!) and having hubbie fuss over me. 

I did feel quite nauseous at the beginning but keeping the food I ate quite basic helped, cheese sandwiches and vegetable soup were my go to meals in pregnancy one during trimester one!  I was also exhausted during that time; I had no get up and go, and would come home from work and immediately flake on the sofa.  Fortunately things picked up when I moved into my second trimester, it was lovely having more energy and being able to eat more varied foods again, those cheese sandwiches were getting boring by then!

This infographic provided by Hartmann Direct offers lots more valuable guidance for keeping well in pregnancy.  

I made sure I avoided soft cheeses and pate; according to the infographic it’s important to make sure your eggs are also thoroughly cooked to avoid food poisoning.  You should aim to have plenty of dairy products (Greek yoghurt and milk), green vegetables and lean meats.  I had an iron deficiency when I was pregnant with my second and was told to eat steak, spinach and Mars bars!  I didn’t mind so much as I liked all three, I didn’t have a Guinness to wash it down though – blah!  Not quite sure why midwives suggest that particular drink given we should be aiming to avoid alcohol as a whole.

I didn’t drink alcohol once I found out I was pregnant only one celebratory toast when I got married, I was four months pregnant at the time, but I felt I had to have a small drink to honour the occasion of getting married!  You should also cut back on caffeine, when I was pregnant with my first I couldn’t even drink tea I went right off it.  It’s funny how sometimes your body seems to know what is best for you and adjusts accordingly.  If you do like your coffee and tea try and buy caffeine free.

A surprising fact I learnt from the infographic is that tomatoes can irritate your bladder, so if your finding it hard to make it to the loo in time perhaps cut back on those (along with coffee, citrus and soft drinks) for the duration of the pregnancy. 

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