Thursday, 8 June 2017

Turning Ten

I really cannot believe my eldest is 10 now!  Double digits bless him, he seems to have decided 10 means he faces life with a new level of maturity, not sure how long it will last but enjoying the relative peace for the moment.  He generally seems a bit calmer, sibling rivalry is still rife but I didn’t expect that to disappear overnight.  They do tolerate each other at times so that’s the best we can hope for really.  He is a lovely boy, very kind hearted and enjoys travel and adventures.  He has suddenly started to really enjoy football, even if it means playing in the rain!  I don’t share the same enthusiasm watching him when it’s pouring down…

We kept presents quite low-key this year all part of my aim to collect moments not things, eldest hasn’t commented about this although he did prefer presents off family members as to be honest we told them what to get and they had the ones he would enjoy the most.  He is now the proud owner of a fishing rod, so that will see some lovely memories in the months ahead.  We just need the torrential rain to stop! 

He only had one computer game, because seeing so many still shrink wrapped six months down the line I made sure we didn’t get carried away.  We did put pay half for a giant paddling pool we have now ordered, the boys chipped in the other half from their savings, so that should be lots of fun for the summer.  They have actually written a list of things they want to save up for like a pool table and a table tennis set, its great they are moving away from being so focused on consoles, they are selling one to fund one of those purchases.

For his birthday treat he had a laser tag party, which he really enjoyed.  

Sadly a few friends were playing a football tournament that day so they couldn’t be there, but he had his closest ones and that’s what really matters.  It’s not about having lots of friends but ones that are there for you.  We had face paint and I had also bought the boys army camouflage t-shirts which they were only too happy to wear.  At the end children left with party bags, I don’t know at what age party bags tail off but we did them this year. 

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The following day we went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in the cinema, we had to go to Wrexham to complete some work for Tesco, more will be revealed when the blog post goes live.  You must watch the film though baby Groot is so adorable.  It was a funny film, although I did cringe in a couple of places and hope the boys didn’t notice that it was a bit cheeky!  It was a 12A they just loved the first film so much they really wanted to see the second, so I relented!  Although why Odeon thought it was acceptable to show a clip of American Gods before the trailers was beyond me, I quickly got the boys to close their eyes!

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  1. Can't believe he is 10 already where has the time gone. Belated happy birthday xx