Thursday, 13 July 2017

Fingerlings Giveaway

I have teamed up again with WowWee this time to giveaway two Fingerlings, these clever interactive monkey pets with adorable big blinking eyes are such fun so this is one competition well worth entering.  My boys loved the two they were sent back in February.  

So why not squirrel the prize away for Christmas or give it to your child as an end of term treat! The rather sweet but occasionally silly pet will be an instant hit with any child.  The toy itself is pitched for children 5+, but I think even younger children would appreciate it too (with supervision of course). 

You can read my earlier Fingerlings review to refresh your mind of how delighted my boys were to review them or watch the video below to see the toys in action.

Basically these cheeky little chimps will go with you anywhere, hanging off your bag, your clothes, your finger or just about anything and are a breath of fresh air with their funny antics.  It's nice for children to have a friendly face when they are out and about.

Fingerlings like being stroked and kissed and rocked to sleep and sometimes break wind much to my boys amusement!  Anything like that they find hilarious, so the toy works well for boys and girls.  The toy is very responsive if you touch it or move it or even clap it responds appropriately, kissing back, turning its head, making noises.

There are six different Fingerlings (RRP £14.99 each) to collect; Zoe, Boris, Sophie, Mia, Finn and Bella.  With 40 different ways to play and 50 different sounds playtime is never dull!  These colourful friends with a cute tuft of hair are very entertaining so don't be surprised if your child wants to complete the collection.

If you would like a chance of winning two Fingerlings (colour chosen at random) please fill out the form below by the 16th of August.

Win Two Fingerlings


  1. Kimberly Meadows14 July 2017 at 14:43

    My 2 little granddaughters are desperate for fingerlings every time the ad comes on TV they get so excited 👭❤❤

  2. My niece would love these xx

  3. I know my 2 grandsons would go crazy for this ☺ and my oldest grandson has a bday coming up real soon this would be a great gift for Jim 😊

  4. oooh yes please! My little girl loves the look of these and would like to collect!!

  5. I had loads of things like this from cereal boxes in the 1970s