Thursday, 13 July 2017

Give Me The Child by Mel McGrath

I devoured the book Give Me The Child by Mel McGrath over two days.  I just had to get to the end.  Chores were forgotten, TV went unwatched, the book held my complete attention. It deserved that time, Mel McGrath has skillfully created a book worthy of your undivided attention.  I was addicted.  

Tammy Cohen said of the book 'You won’t want to eat, sleep or blink" and its true.  The plot was propelling me to the end I couldn't put the book down, I didn't want to put it down, I needed to know.   Hubbie didn't mind as it meant he could catch up on his own shows, it was my time to be lost in this unforgettable thriller.

The story grips you from the word go, usually you get a slow introduction in some books but my mind was already ticking into overdrive from the very beginning - so many questions??? I was quick to notice all the little details and wondering what they meant (trembling hands, being sick?). I was hooked on this book straight away, my brain wanted to connect all the dots.

I had my suspicions about the characters but I needed to have them confirmed, I wanted to see where the story would take me and what would be revealed along the way.  My mind was whirring with possible theories.  Mel McGrath has created one hell of a page turner, this book has a similar momentum to The Girl on the Train but I actually preferred Give Me The Child, perhaps because I can relate to the story more, being a wife and a mum, having similar concerns, understanding the overwhelming urge to protect your own children.

Dr Cat Lupo is an interesting character with her job and background. Given what has happened to her in pregnancy you really feel for her trying to prove her side of the story in difficult circumstances.  I don't want to reveal too much of the storyline, this is one book you NEED to read for yourself.  The book deals with lots of big issues, it touches on the London riots, gang culture, poverty, infidelity and mental illness.

Even the most apparently reliable of marriages can have secrets? Are you ready to discover those surrounding Dr Cat Lupo?  Start unraveling the clues and when you feel your catching up your thrown another curve ball.  

How much do you really know someone???

I found the end satisfying.  I want to tell you guys everything, the big reveal, the buildup to it, but it wouldn't be fair, suffice to say you won't regret buying this book.  Snap it up quick (available to pre-order from Harper Collins Publishers the release date is the 27th of July) so you can be the one recommending it to your friends...

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  1. oohhhh I love the sound of this book. Will certainly add this to my to read pile x

  2. Sounds like my sort of book - I do enjoy a good thriller and even better if you can't bear to put it down.

  3. OH I love the sound of this. I( have just finished Power which was amazing

  4. You have me intrigued! I am looking for book recommendations and this sounds right up my street!

  5. I haven't bought a new book in ages but I've been really fancying reading something recently - will have to check this out.

  6. Perfect blog post - just before summer holidays when I am on the lookout for good books. thank you!