Friday, 21 July 2017

How Organised Am I?

Apparently your star sign can say a lot about your organisational skills!  I work from home so I was intrigued what it would say about me, because I don't have to be TIDY for the rest of the office my work space is just for me I wondered how true it would be.  I have to be a bit of a self starter as my own boss, I have no-one cracking the whip to finish deadlines.  

I also have LOTS of distractions being at home during the day, the dog wants me to throw her ball AND Netflix is within easy reach... so I have to be quite focused.

As I am a Sagittarius Furniture At Work have me down as a hoarder, I am surrounded in a fair bit of clutter at the moment, but I call it "work in progress" - lots of days out leaflets for my travel blog Reluctant Traveller, yes definitely lots of receipts AND items waiting to be photographed and reviewed.  I think my mess is loosely"organised" but other people might not agree.  I don't think I am as bad as this infographic states for hanging on to things though, I do try and regularly de-clutter as too much paperwork and chaos drives me crackers.  I think more so now the summer holidays are almost upon us and I don't quite feel ready to juggle the boys being off school and working from home!

So here are my tips to be more productive if you work from home:

My work essentials are a good sized desk, so I can spread out what I need and get myself prepared for what I want to write about that day.  Another priority is a good chair so my back doesn't hurt, make sure you do lots of research into home office chairs as picking a decent one is important for your comfort and resultant productivity.

I have a spreadsheet and on it I put ALL outstanding payments, this is MUST as you would be surprised how long companies can leave payments (I think, hoping you forget!). Separately I also list all my outstanding commitments so I don't forget any.

I have already covered some tips in an earlier post about multitasking and much of that can help you work more effectively from home.  If you have a midday snack you will have the energy to be more organised, otherwise it can seem overwhelming knowing where to start at times.

I have mentioned being distracted even when I am actually tapping away at my desk, I end up having a nose on Facebook, this can eat away at LOTS of my valuable time that I need to complete my work.  I find having the OFFTIME app is a huge benefit as you cut right back on distractions linked to being online.  

School pick up comes round all too fast so I need to set myself targets and stay on track.

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