Saturday, 30 September 2017

There’s Always Time for Tea

I really enjoy starting the day with a cup of tea.  It helps prepare me for whatever I have ahead.  I am not a morning person so hubbie making me a cup of tea first thing is a good idea and increases the likelihood that I will leap out of bed with a spring in my step!  Caffeine stops me from feeling so exhausted, I think it’s a necessity including tea in my life with the kids tiring me out! 

Given how much I love tea and the important part it plays in my daily routine it comes as no surprise that it’s the second most commonly consumed beverage (after water).  

It seems very British to be a tea drinker and we have been doing so for over 350 years, although tea drinking has been popular in China for much longer.

The Tea Advisory Panel aims to provide impartial information regarding the advantages of drinking tea, so do head to their website to see just how beneficial tea is.  We often say there is nothing that a cup of tea can’t solve and the reality is tea does have a whole host of medicinal benefits that can improve your health and wellbeing.

A recent report from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) found that the bad press surrounding our intake of caffeine is not justified, the negative effect of caffeine in tea has been overstated.  It would be a shame not to have your regular caffeinated brew because of incorrect information.  Dr Tim Bond mentioned that tea only contains 40-50mg of caffeine per serving (when using a tea bag) so not enough to cause any problems like sleep latency (the length of time it takes for you to go to sleep).  Tea tends to have half the level of caffeine that coffee does, so if you fancy a hot drink tea is an excellent choice.

Dr Carrie Ruxton, independent dietitian and member of TAP says “caffeine improves mood[1], increases alertness, and reduces the sense of tiredness and pain”.

Whilst Lynne Garton, dietitian and member of the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) said “drinking four cups of tea daily is associated with heart health benefits, in particular reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.”[2] She continued by saying “tea polyphenols help to relax the blood vessels so leading to control of blood pressure[3]”, I guess that’s why I find my stress levels decreasing when I drink my tea.

Tea really does make everything better.  Now go on and put the kettle on and pour yourself a restorative cuppa whilst you browse the Tea Advisory Panel website.


[1] Nehlig et al. (1992) Brain Res Brain Res Rev 17: 139-70.
[2] Zhang C et al. (2014) Euro J Epidemiol 30: 103-13.
[3] Liu G et al. (2014) Br J Nutr 112: 1048-1054

Friday, 29 September 2017

Staccups Review & Competition

You might already be putting on your thinking hats wondering what Christmas presents to buy your kids (or for Santa to deliver of course!).  So, with 87 days until Christmas I thought I would introduce you to Staccups which was recently released by University Games.

We always add a board game or two at Christmas as I find they are a good way to spend quality time together.  I like to keep a happy medium when it comes to the selection of gifts the boys get, not too many console games as I like them to have fun minus a screen.  I find as they have got older they do add more computer games to their Christmas lists so it’s always worth adding some board games to even the balance.

This game is such much fun and a real challenge, it tests your hand/eye coordination to the limit!  You need to grab the coloured cup before your opponents, so the quicker you can do that the better.  It’s so fast paced it really helps if you have good reaction speeds.  My boys are like ninjas compared to me, but I still like playing because I can only get better right?

It can get quite competitive, watch out for opponents calling ‘challenge’ if they believe you placed a cup incorrectly.  You can also add some variety by taking turns instead of it being a mad free for all.  If you cannot go you miss a turn.  I like that Staccups has some flexibility over how it can be played.

The game is for up to 4 players or teams, Staccups is recommended for ages 8+ and available to purchase at Smyths Toys, Argos, Toys R Us, and The Entertainer for an RRP: £19.99. 

I also have a Staccups game to giveaway if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 28th of October.

Win Staccups

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Create The Perfect Eat-In Kitchen

Many people have grown weary of the open plan living style. It’s understandable if your family finds this unpractical and uneconomical. A bigger space is more difficult to heat. If you live in a colder climate spending a lot of time sitting in a cold room can be quite unbearable. This sort of space can also be quite acoustically challenged too! The extractor fan, the clanging of pots and the TV on full blast don’t make for a great conversation space. Ultimately, an open living area can be less than social! No wonder the separate dining room is making a comeback!

Of course, there is still a lot to be said for eating in the kitchen. It’s quick and convenient, and much easier to clean up. It’s casual dining at its best. An eat-in kitchen can be perfect at breakfast time when you want everyone together. It works when you’re entertaining two or three guests for a coffee morning too. It’s intimate, friendly, cozy and warm. So what are the essentials for a perfect eat-in kitchen?

Good quality dining options

Start with the eating surface. You might want a small table. This should be made of quality wood. After all, the kitchen gets steamy, and a lot of action! Alternatively, try a breakfast bar set up if your kitchen is a little smaller. The eating surface will be the same as all the other worktops in the room. It’s important to consider investing in the right dining table set for the space. It should look good and still be practical for the room.

Layout choices

Where you eat should be far enough away from the sink and trash containers that you can enjoy a meal. Keep away from the unhygienic areas that can sometimes throw up nasty odors too. Usually dining at one end of the room is the best way to enjoy the experience. You might have a half wall to divide the room up a little. It might offer extra safety for the kids away from the oven and hob too.


If you’re eating in here, then it makes sense to ensure the entire space has a durable easy-to-clean floor surface. Tiling is ideal, but slate and engineered wood flooring are popular choices for a stylish look. If you have chairs, use replaceable feet pads or cups to cut down the noise of moving them. You might want rubber pads to stop them sliding around on the high gloss tiles.


Always provide a separate lighting source for your dining area. This offers the best illumination for when you are eating. And if you’re done with the cooking and cleaning areas, you can simply turn those lights off, so the focus is on the table. This is perfect for those evening meals with the family when you don’t want to use the formal dining space.

Eating with your family is important for most of us. If you’re struggling to make the time, simply enjoy your meal in the kitchen. How do you make use of your eat-in kitchen?

cocobubble Review & Competition

My two absolutely love bath time, even at 8 and 10 its one of the highlights of their day!  So, I was thrilled to be introduced to cocobubble bath products that are handmade in the UK.  I like finding new gift ideas for the boys and bath bombs are something they are both crazy about!  

They make fantastic stocking fillers for Christmas, especially as they offer an element of surprise cocobubble bath bombs either have a little soap hidden inside or magically change colour.  I have found as my two have got older gift buying has got trickier but bath time products are always well received here.  In the past, I worried about the ingredients in some of the bath products I have bought but I have no such concerns about cocobubble.

Not only do cocobubble products make bath time more fun they are also very gentle on your child’s skin.  cocobubble really care about the environment and providing safe ingredients to nourish your children’s skin.  The products are free from parabens, mineral oils, SLS & SLES.  So, nothing nasty to irate their delicate skin just products to make bath time that bit more amazing!  The ingredients have been chosen to protect and nourish your child’s skin, even if your child has psoriasis and eczema the coconut oil can help reduce the symptoms.

Younger children will enjoy the adventure packs and getting involved in imaginary play, they offer excellent value for money for what is included, a finger puppet, mini soaps, bath bomb, pot of sand paint and coconut bowl all for £14.50.  For cocobubble its about removing plastics from bath time and having sustainable materials instead.

I was sent a snowman bath bomb, (£3.50), a dino egg bath bomb (£3.50) and a berry bot bath bomb (£3.50), the smell of these products is incredible.  Whilst the bath bombs were waiting in the delivery box to be reviewed the whole room had a wonderful fragrance.  We liked the happy snowman face detail on that bath bomb, you can't help but smile back at him.

We also had the primary colour soap paints (£9.75) not only do these add a splash of colour at bath time they also have lovely scents, strawberry, raspberry and lemon.  The pots are small but a little bit goes a long way so you can easily use them for quite a few baths.

Bathing with cocobubble is a treat for the senses.  I am really impressed with the brand and would shop with them in the future.  

If you would like a chance of winning the festive fizz product gift pack please fill out the form below by the 26th of October.  It would make a lovely Christmas present for a little one you know.

Win a festive fizz gift pack

Top 5 Tips on Picking the Ideal Mattress for Your Child

Having the right mattress is vital to getting a good night’s sleep, and this is definitely what we want for our children. A child that hasn’t slept well is bound to be cranky for the rest of the day. Other than the impact on their mood, children need a regular good night’s rest more than adults. As they sleep, their brain and body are hard at work developing and growing. Give them the best possible start in life every night, so when they awake in the morning their full of beans and ready to learn more about the world around them instead of wandering around in a tired haze and being downright grumpy.

Other than sleep, the right mattress should also offer your child comfort and support, and reduce the likelihood of them waking up with any aches or pains.

There are many things that you need to consider when you’re selecting a mattress for your little one. You need to consider their individual needs as well as the level of support that they will require. Here are our top 5 tips to help you get started in finding the ideal mattress for your child:

1. Make sure you select the right size to support their growth

Since the lifespan of a mattress can range from 5 - 10 years, getting the correct size is essential to provide adequate support for your child as they grow. They will change significantly in size during this time period, so you may need to invest in a couple of different sizes to make sure they’re comfortable.

2. Select the right mattress type to suit your child’s individual needs

There are various different types of mattresses to choose from with different features and benefits. The one that you select should be based on your child’s individual requirements.

For instance, if they suffer from allergies you may want to steer clear of synthetic mattresses as these are known to aggravate them. Search for a hypoallergenic mattress instead. For those children with sensitive skin, organic mattresses made with natural materials are highly recommended.

3. Select the type of mattress required 

The types of mattress that offer the most support are pocket-sprung, latex and memory foam mattresses.

Innerspring and memory foam mattresses are the two most popular types of mattresses for children. Latex mattresses are usually found to be too expensive for children who will quickly grow out of them.

With the innerspring coil mattress, you can sink into the mattress a little more and they tend to have more bounce which children usually prefer. With spring mattresses, check how high the count and gauge of the coil is. If there is a higher spring count, it means you get more support. A lower coil gauge means that the mattress will be firmer.

With memory foam mattresses, look into the density. Those of a high quality usually have four or five pound density. The higher the density, the firmer the mattress will be.

4. What is the level of support required?

Children require proper support as they sleep. Their spine and growing bones need to be well supported at all times.

All mattresses come in varying levels of firmness, from ultra soft to extra firm. For children who sleep on their back or their side, we would recommend a more firm mattress. For the stomach sleepers out there, then a mid-level firmness is adequate.

5. Invest in a mattress protector!

Since children are known to enjoy jumping on beds very much, it is important to invest in a mattress protector. This will help protect the mattress from any damage and it can be removed for cleaning purposes in case of stains.

Mattress protectors will also be helpful in the case of bedwetters. Some can be made of plastic and crackle when moved on, but the most modern versions are made from a light and flexible material that you hardly notice is there at all.

Deciding on a mattress for your child isn't an easy decision with the amount of choice out there, but we hope the above tips have helped you along the journey.

Visit Bed Mattress to view a high-quality range of luxury mattresses by Sloane & Sons. Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam mattresses are both available with free UK delivery and a 5 year guarantee. Find out more about the full collection on the website

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Snacking on the Go with GoGo squeeZ

My boys are always hungry!  They are forever badgering me for snacks.  Fortunately, I was recently introduced to GoGo squeeZ which just launched in the UK this September so now the boys can have something healthy in a hurry!  GoGo squeeZ fruit snack has been in the US since 2008 so it’s nice the product has finally come across the pond so our children can enjoy them too.   

No more prepping the fruit, peeling and chopping I just pass them one of the handy fruit snack pouches and away they go!  

They come in three scrumptious flavours Apple, Strawberry & Apple and Apple & Mango and are available to buy from Tesco for £2.55 a box.  With no nasties in them they are ideal for lunchboxes too, your children feel like they are getting a treat with the fun squeeze format and the great taste and it keeps the school happy.

The boys really liked the flavours and I love that they are 100% fruit so I know they are getting lots of goodness.  It has no flavourings or preservatives it’s just jam packed with fruit so very wholesome!  GoGo squeeZ is such a useful way for your children to get one of their 5 a day.  If I take too long preparing their snack the boys tend to dash off and grab something unhealthy so having these in stock gives them a more nourishing snack and fast!  

The yoghurt snack products are just as convenient, you don’t need to store them in the fridge as the milk is pasteurised so ideal for packed lunches or picnics without having to worry about keeping the product cold.  These are available in Banana and Strawberry flavours, both of which my boys would wholeheartedly recommend.  They are perfect for topping up your child’s intake of calcium and vitamin D, even if you’re in a big rush in the morning just give them one to eat on the go!  The squeeze format means you don’t need to give them a spoon!  I dread to think how many teaspoons I had lost before these fabulous products came into my life.

If you have younger children who might not manage one fruit snack in a go you can tighten the lid and use up within 24 hours, the yoghurt also lasts the same time but once opened it does need to go in the fridge if not completely eaten straight away.  I really like the lid it reminds me of the propeller on a plane and when I used to pretend to the boys their spoon was an aeroplane.

If you want to find out any more information pop over to the GoGo squeeZ website and start squeezing more goodness into your children’s lives!

Why the burglary rate is on the decline?

Our home is our castle so it’s important to keep it safe.  Sadly, most burglars think they can get away with it, two thirds of thefts are never solved.  That statistic makes me sad as I like to think we all are decent enough people not to take from others, but people do and the majority never have any punishment for making people feel scared in their own homes.

Fortunately, though according to this article about Home and Garden Security on the Rattan Direct website burglary is “slowly and steadily dropping, having plummeted by over 70% in the last forty years”.  I guess the reason for that is people being more conscious about security. 

Back in my mum’s day it was the norm to leave your door unlocked, whereas the thought of doing that brings me out in a cold sweat.  I like to have the door locked even when I am in the house with the dog, its better as you never know who might be around and opportunist enough to quickly steal something given the chance.  I don’t believe in leaving a spare key outside the property either, if I had my way I would probably install a moat and have crocodiles circling with a drawbridge just for confirmed visitors, anyone suspicious would be a crocodile snack!

But as it is I have settled for sticking with common sense and having a home security camera for when we are away on holiday.  Technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last forty years so it is now much easier to monitor your home whilst you are away.  Cities are the main target for burglary, so if you do live in a built-up area really think about what you could do to make your home seem less appealing for burglars.

Install a visible security system you want the thieves to know you’re watching everything! 

Don’t leave anything valuable out on show.  Try and not advertise the fact your away from the house, think about what you post on social media, pictures of you in the sunshine might be an instant giveaway that your house is empty.  Think about your outside space too, the shed can be easier to access and can store a treasure throve of goodies, bikes and garden tools.  Have outdoor lighting that comes on when it detects motion, many thieves like the cover of darkness, others though might strike in the day when they think everyone is at work.

Although the real reason there might be a declining rate of burglary is because technology is so cheap, the items that once turned a pretty rate on the back streets can be bought cheap enough brand new.  Plus lots more of us these days are more into collecting moments not things, so generally less worth stealing!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Tips to prepare for Halloween

My boys have always liked Halloween, since they were very young they loved getting dressed up, they have been everything from a werewolf, skeleton and vampire to a zombie and skeletal pirate!  It's not just the costumes they like so much its the extra fun and sweets associated with the day!  

We often go to community events or in the past we have hosted parties of our own.  Bobbing for apples and trick a treating being some of their most cherished childhood memories.  Even now they are older they still get excited about the festivities.  

One year we went to the LEGOLAND around Halloween for the Brick or Treat event they made Lego pumpkins and help with a much bigger Halloween mosaic which was a nice change!  So do your research and see what events are taking place further afield.

For our house parties we have a Halloween kit in the loft full to the brim with decorations including a plastic rat, a giant toad (they kids love this!) and a cauldron, every year we gradually add a few more bits.  Just look how tiny (and adorable) my youngest was when he enjoyed his very first Halloween party at home. 

Now the countdown beings for Halloween 2017 and with it our preparations are very much underway.  If you want to make more of an occasion of it this year than I would recommend printing out this Halloween to-do list I found on the Personalised Gifts Shop.  You can quickly tick off items on their list and really get into the Halloween mood!  Ideal if you need more inspiration and fancy trying something different then the list is a huge help.  Your children grow up so quick its time to make some Halloween memories!

If you have got very young children I like their ideas to get involved decorating the pumpkin. I think its safer having a no carve pumpkin in the earlier days in case the little ones try and "help"!  Yes I am that mum that ALWAYS panics about safety!!!

We have made Halloween cupcakes one year and I completely recommend you guys giving them a try they look gruesome but taste great, big juicy worms and eyeballs what's not to love.

I need to get the boys personalised trick a treating bags from the Personalised Gifts Shop, at the moment we use plastic tubs but their bags are more stylish!  As the boys have got older they are a bit more discerning about what they put their sweets in...

We mainly did the usual party games but with spooky music playing and the apple bobbing I previously mentioned, but I have more ideas now and really want to try the mini pumpkin hunt in our garden.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Starting Our Day The Right Way With Ready Brek

Ready Brek is a firm family favourite with their super smooth oats, my little bears are not keen on lumpy porridge but that’s never a problem with Ready Brek.  It’s such a multipurpose product too, you don’t just have to have a bowl of porridge you can use it to make fruity smoothies or nutritious muffins so each morning Ready Brek can give you a helping hand with breakfast.  With Ready Brek being so versatile breakfast never gets boring either!

When winter sets in you really can’t beat porridge for breakfast, it heats you up and is a great wholesome start to your day!  It can be tough getting out of bed when the mornings are colder but the fact the boys have a warm breakfast to look forward too always adds a spring to their step.  

As a parent I love Ready Brek for lots of reasons the oat fibre helps the boys digestion, the calcium gives them the strong teeth their dentist is so proud of and the vitamin D supports their immune system.  It is also very filling and keeps the boys going until their fruit break at school and the Vitamin B12 stops them being quite so tired so they do better at school.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it’s essential to get it right.

Alongside being so healthy a box of Ready Brek and a few toppings can be a real treat, it’s fun experimenting with different toppings to find your favourite.  We were sent raspberry jam, maple syrup, honey, chopped nuts, raisins and ground cinnamon, but I am quite partial to Nutella swirled over the top of my porridge.  Hubbie is a syrup fan so he likes to drizzle that on top.

Ready Brek is quick and convenient to get ready in the morning.  We always have a few minutes spare to prepare our Ready Brek, it only needs to be microwaved for one and a half minutes and stand for a further minute.  Pick up your box of Ready Brek from all good supermarkets and food stores, we enjoyed the original variety but you can also buy it in Chocolate!  Yum.

I like making Ready Brek smoothies because if we are in a rush we can drink them on the go!  Hubbie is terrible for missing breakfast so he can have one to drink at his desk and I feel better he isn't running on empty!

Breakfast Smoothie

Three heaped tablespoons of Ready Brek

2 Banana's

1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon

250 ml Milk

Making a smoothie with Ready Brek is so easy you don’t have to soak oats you just sprinkle them on top of the other ingredients and blend everything all together.  If your children aren't keen on the banana/cinnamon combination you can try strawberries or blueberries whatever takes their fancy.

The boys both enjoyed the smoothie it really was the perfect way to get our boys to increase their fruit and fibre intake.

How do your family enjoy their Ready Brek?

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Your Complete Guide To UK Freebie Websites

Many freebie websites can be found all across the web, but not all of them prove to be worth your time and money. In this guide, we list our top picks.

Britons are always on the lookout for cheap deals, which explains why so many companies and individuals have flooded the internet to offer free items online.

However, you might end up frustrated after using a website that doesn't really give you anything of value. To help you save time, here are the best freebie websites in the UK and why you should choose them over others.

Our Top Freebie Site:


Most websites give away freebies from members of the public. WOWFreeStuff, however, takes a different approach. The vouchers, samples, and freebies they offer all come from companies. You can find a range of items from baby starter kits and gardening tools to calendars and table lamps.

· Users can subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated with all the discounts and special offers.

· The site provides online discount codes, in-store offers, and details of free competitions.

· Users are able to rate the offers, providing others a clue as to how good a particular offer is.

Tips For Avoiding Freebie Scams

It's not uncommon to hear stories about people getting scammed by freebie websites. Surely, you do not want to find yourself as the next victim. While it's great to have things without shelling out money, you need to be extra careful when picking what offers to sign up for. It's always tempting to jump on a bargain, but you could end up burning a deeper hole in your pocket.

Before you go hunting for freebies, keep the following tips in mind to avoid getting scammed.

Never Pay for a Freebie

This one sounds obvious, but you'll be shocked by the number of people who pay for a freebie. If you have to pay money, then it isn't a freebie. Steer clear of all websites that require you to pay for the offers you want.

You will stumble upon plenty of websites that ask you to pay for processing, shipping, and handling fees. These fees only require a small amount of money, but you should not fall for it. Freebie scams will lure you in and after paying them, they will run away with your money in their pockets.

There are also websites that ask you to check out their free trial offer. They will tell you it's necessary before you can get your freebie. Again, this is a trap! Expect that you won't get any offers and your personal information such as credit card details to be stolen.

Use Trustworthy Websites

Huge companies offer a ton of free samples such as Walmart and Target. Their goal is to let you try the product and when you like it, you will buy from them.

Remember that the marketing budget of these companies are immensely big. They can afford to offer countless free samples. Just make sure that the particular brand of the free sample comes from the corresponding website.

Do Not Share Sensitive Information

In most cases, free websites will only ask for your name and address. This is common for practice even for big companies. But if you're asked to provide additional information which you're not comfortable sharing, then do not push through with the offer.

Some websites ask a bunch of questions before giving you access to the freebie. As much as possible, only provide the minimum required information. Any additional information is likely to be used for marketing purposes, which means you will have more junk mail going to your inbox.

There are also cases in which the company will ask for your email address and phone number. This is pretty common, but if you don't want to share this information, then just call it off.

Getting more spam emails should be expected. As soon as you join the mailing list, you will be sent marketing messages regularly, which could get annoying at some point. A good tip is to create a free email account just for subscribing to freebie websites.

Listen To Your Gut

You might have seen a particular offer on a forum or social media, with many people saying it's legitimate. You do not even have to provide personal information such as credit card details, phone number, and social security number. But if your gut tells you that something doesn't seem right, then don't do it despite what other people tell you. Just move on to the next freebie and find something that totally works for you.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Being Mobile Safe at Secondary School

My son is in his last year at primary school, seriously where has the time gone? Next September he is off to secondary school and with it comes more worries for me as he sets off more independently into the world. I have written before about helping keep your child safe online but I think as he gets closer to that next step in his life I am getting more anxious.

Currently he has a very basic mobile just to keep in touch on the rare occasions he plays out, it doesn’t go on the internet it’s just for me to call him and him to call me. He has not asked for anything more and I haven’t encouraged it by offering a more sophisticated mobile phone. It’s not a race to grow up there will be plenty of time to use the internet when he is ready.

He can take pictures and make little videos, I keep an eye on what he does on there, as much as children like their privacy we do need to know what they are up too. Although, if you can get them to talk openly and as long as you know they will come to you if they have any concerns, then they have earnt the right to their privacy. Keep chatting about the types of things they might see online and some of the problems they may encounter like cyberbullying or inappropriate content.

I have a feeling when he starts his new school he will see his friends with fancier phones and want one that can connect to the internet. I have been lucky despite a few of his friends already having Instagram he has shown no interest in social media.

Even so, there are precautions I plan on taking ready for September 2018.

Set Ground Rules

Our ground rule is that they are not allowed access to technology once they have gone to bed, it’s a ground rule I hope to continue but if they did start trying to sneak access to their devices then I would make sure the wi-fi was turned off at bedtime. Although I don’t think they would try because we have had this rule established for a long time so they seem happier to go along with it. If you set the ground rules right at the start they will be easier for your children to accept and follow, it’s what they are used to.

Mobile Phone Security

It’s important to think about the security you have on your child’s mobile phone. Kaspersky security cloud sounds ideal as it senses new dangers and has a security advisor which lets you know about the types of threats that can affect what you’re currently doing online. This is good if you’re new to using technology and unsure of the problems you might encounter. When your children are out of the house and using public WiFi you will be glad of the extra safeguards to protect them. At home, you can lock down your internet connection, we have BT parental controls in place here but you do not have that luxury in the wider world.

Follow the age recommendations

Some of the children in the school are very young to already have social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all have recommended ages of 13+, I think by then hopefully children are more responsible and aware of the risks so if you can put off your children using social media until 13 all the better.

Make sure your familiar with social media

If you know your way around Facebook, Instagram and twitter you can show your children how to lock down their accounts so only invited friends can see their content. When the time comes to use social media you want them to do so as safely as possible and it’s scary to think how many people still have accounts that are completely open to the public. Also, be aware some children get caught up wanting the most followers or “friends” but teach your child to only accept people they know in real life.

Having the chat about online safety

I want my boys to be aware of some of the things others might write to gain their trust. If anyone asks them to keep something secret I want them to flag it to me. They need to know to keep their information private. I make it quite clear that whatever anyone writes even if you feel you have got yourself into a difficult situation remember your parents have your back, don’t be persuaded into doing something you don’t feel comfortable about.

Hopefully by having some guidelines in place, decent mobile security and open feedback in the family your children can safely enjoy what the digital world has to offer.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Baby Shower Registry Tips for First Time Moms

Is someone planning you a baby shower and you have no idea what you’ll need? Though baby shower registries can be great for telling your friends and family exactly what you’d like to have for your newborn, if it’s your first time, determine what’s a necessity and what’s not can be troubling. Not to mention all the rules in between, creating a registry requires attention to detail from beginning to end. To ensure that you don’t end up with a crocheted outfit from grandma or a ton of baby shoes your little one probably won’t even wear just yet, here are some tips for creating the ideal baby registry.

Know What You Want

Your baby registry is supposed to contain a list of items that you want or need for the baby. Some of the more common items to add to a registry include a crib, stroller, playpen, baby clothes, bottles, receiving blankets, and diaper disposals just to name a few. What you add should greatly depend on are your needs and what you already have. While there’s nothing wrong with adding a few must-have items to the list, the idea is to choose practical items that will help you throughout the first few months of your child’s life.

Be Specific About Brands

Though purchasing a baby bib of any brand from any store may be okay, simply putting a baby mattress on the list without identifying the brand or type of mattress you want could backfire. Some things, you’ll have to be specific about. Instead of just putting “baby mattress” do some research on the various brands out there, such as a moonlight slumber cradle mattress, to see which brand you want to add to the registry.

Vary the Costs

Your baby shower guests are dealing with varying levels of income. While some friends might be able to pitch in and buy you that expensive crib you want, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to dedicate towards a baby gift. Try adding things to the registry that can be afforded by most budgets. Adding things like strollers and cribs as well as wipes, diapers, and bibs give attendees more options to choose from, which increases the chances that you’ll get something you really want instead of whatever they could afford.

Choose Multiple Stores or Sites

The idea of a baby registry is to make it easier for your guests to get you what you’d like to have for your newborn. Choosing a high-end baby store located all the way across town is an inconvenience and could persuade your friends and family to throw a few bucks or a gift card in the bag. However, by having registries at multiple stores, most of which have various locations, then your guests have more options on where they can shop. If you’re going to register online, make sure that you do a review of the best baby registry shops to see which will provide the best choices.

Be Careful About Gender Specific Items

Whether you found out what the sex of your baby was or not, you don’t want to make the mistake of asking for too much gender-specific clothing or baby items. On the off chance that the baby is the opposite of what you planned for, you’re going to have a lot of returns to make, or you’ll be dressing your daughter in blue and your son in pink. Stick to neutral colors like greens and yellows which can be worn by either sex. By requesting neutral colors, the items can also be passed down if you plan on having kids in the future.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with adding a few things to your baby registry that will benefit you. After all, if mom is not at her best, she can’t fully take care of the baby. If there are items that would help make raising your first child easier or simply to help you unwind, add it. This might include a trip to the spa, house cleaning services, or even a streaming video service for while you’re home with the baby.

Creating a baby registry for the first time can seem overwhelming. Ultimately, the idea behind creating a registry is to make it easier for friends and family to purchase things you’ll actually need for the baby. Unless you want to end up with a ton of gift cards, toys, or baby clothing that they’ll only fit for a few weeks, it’s best to make a registry that is versatile both in the selection of products and price.