Monday, 18 September 2017

Discovery Toys Competition

As my boys have got older I have found it harder to buy them presents, they don’t play with toys as often as they used too so there is only so many figures and cars they need when they have sufficient already.  Fortunately, the Discovery toy range from Trends UK has plenty to offer when you need inspiration for birthday and Christmas gifts.  The products are all very educational and fun developing an interest in science and nature.  These will all appeal to any young scientist!  Children have such inquisitive natures what better presents than ones that allow them to explore the world around them.

The Discovery 30 mm Explorer Telescope is a good first telescope the 15x magnification enough to spark an interest in astronomy. 

The Discovery Bug Barn lets children get closer to bugs just remember to handle them gently and return them to their homes afterwards. 

The Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies work up to a range of 3km and are ideal for keeping in touch when out on adventures.  With 3 channels, a ringing tone to alert incoming transmissions and LED display, one-on-one outdoor communication has never been more convenient.

All these products are great for encouraging children to get outdoors and forget about playing computer games.  It’s all about learning new things and getting close to nature this autumn with the Discovery range.  Find out how plants, bugs and nature change over the seasons.  All the products have real working features and educational benefits whilst supporting the STEM curriculum.  STEM is an acronym, representing the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Trends UK is at the forefront of this movement to produce more educational toys as they have been developing Science toys for over 14 years.  That considerable experience in toy development really shows in the calibre of the Discovery toy range. 

I have a competition to giveaway a wonderful Discovery toy bundle including the Discovery Bug Barn (RRP £16.99), a Discovery 30 mm Explorer Telescope (RRP £16.99) and Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies (RRP £27.99) if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 19th October.

Win a Discovery Toys Bundle


  1. Seeing the Harley's photo now makes me want jelly!

  2. My little bot is obsessed with space and everything scince, what an amazing prize xx

  3. Wow what an imagination he got. Made me smile bless him x

  4. Amazing! My girl would love this, especially the telescope! We have a star obsession atm lol

  5. My son is a science geek and really interested in space,planets etc. He would be thrilled to be presented with this invaluable prize. I know his interest in science and the cosmos would be further enhanced.