Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Furniture for Cafes and Bistros

Unfortunately, for lazy souls and corporate traditionalists, the days of furnishing a café or bistro so that the furniture melts into the background and creates a sort of homogenous blandness that was de rigueur in the 90s are over. In these enlightened days people experience their visits to establishments in a more interactive way – sharing pictures of quirky venues and interesting design ideas can be just as much of the idea as the drink, food and ambience.

Social networking is, as I’m sure you’re aware absolutely massive and as friends constantly seek to impress friends with cool new finds and great experiences, simply choosing and going to a café or bistro has become much more of an event and actually going and being in the place itself has a big interactive element. Nobody wants to share a bland photograph of what could be a business hotel coffee room, with 100% standardized furniture and magnolia walls. Instead, to pique and maintain the interest of post-Millennials requires much more of a mix and match approach that allows for flair and the injection of a little individuality and personality.

A cracking way of achieving this is by avoiding the temptation to make everything look neat and homogenous. You can have bespoke, one of a kind upcycled pieces dotted around the place. Tables made out of wine bottles or even corks can be seen in some forward thinking bistros around Europe. Why not get some original film posters and frame them (in non-matching frames of course)? You can find some amazing ideas just by looking on Pinterest, like these incredible bar stools made out of vintage bike parts. Serving tea on unmatched, but antique crockery sets can look fantastic and as you don’t need a complete set can be picked up very reasonably. One of the most important features in any bistro or café is the style of the chairs. Chairs are, after all what take up much of the space and what will almost certainly be in shot in any photograph. This makes it very important that the chairs in any establishment make an impact. Multiple colours, textures and materials can look great as long as there is an overall vision and theme to the idea. Take advantage of the industrial trend by adding some steel chairs and softening the overall image by integrating bamboo tables. Of course this is just an idea, but it reflects the outside the corporate box thinking that will make an impact.

It’s all about catering to the individual. People are much more confident in expressing themselves than, say 20 years ago – when young people clamoured to fit in with the crowd. Having a multiple choice of chairs and furniture in an establishment and a real character to the rest of the décor and furnishings really does leave room for big, bold characters to feel at home and feel inspired to share their experiences online. This, of course, is free advertising for any café or bistro willing to put in the design effort.

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