About Me

Welcome to my world!

This blog started late November 2011 to chronicle life with my two little boys (born 2007 and 2009), my World of Warcraft obsessed hubbie and our botched crafting attempts and my hubbie's newly developed baking skills.

I am in my early thirties but having carried my two boys hip side for far too long, am definitely feeling my age!

I am doing a spot of guest blogging on the side, as I am under the impression it is all the rage and it’s about time I got with it, living as I do in the sticks!  I have only just learnt what Jeggings are...

I guest blog for my baby radio, you can read my guests posts here:

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My parent anxiety over child illness

How to shop with children: Or not! as the case may be...

If you are a company who would like us to review for you please get in touch: Karen@missingsleep.co.uk especially if it's cake, always loving the cake!  Happy to consider advertising and anything juicy ;) ha!