Breathe Easy

breathe easy

I was fortunate enough to win two products from the Naturally Cool Kids range.  I was sent the Vapour stick and the Lip and cheek protector. Even the small wins I am grateful for but then again I am addicted to entering competitions, I like seeing any type of win arrive just to confirm that lady luck hasn’t left me. Although only low value they were extremely useful in a house full of sniffles. It saves me having to buy another tub of Vicks anyway.

My boys have been quite happy to let me apply the products.  The happy packaging and the ease of application made it all an effortless process. As a mum I am happy to use them because being a natural skin care solution I am confident my son’s would not have a bad reaction to the products.  It’s also a huge bonus not having to dip my finger in a greasy vicks tub when I want to help them breathe easy!

Top Tips to Breathe Easy

My top tip is to put in on their feet at night then add socks.  This really seems to help. Also give them an extra pillow to help elevate them.

This time of year can be no fun.  I plan on wrapping up warm and using the extra time indoors to enter a few more competitions!  Next time I might have a more impressive win. Who know’s but it can’t hurt to try.

As for the Naturally Cool win it couldn’t have come with better timing at the start of the winter season and I can confidently say my son’s have settled to sleep better with a liberal covering of the vapour rub! And as any mum knows sleep is precious so I give this product a BIG thumbs up!

But please next time can I win something BIGGER and more shiny!

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