I would like to introduce you to a website I am particularly fond of, who’s owner also happens to be my boys godmummy and an all round good egg!

DaisychainBaby is a website specialising in eco friendly clothing for children aged 0-5. But my friend has such a strong constitution and a knack of getting up at an ungodly hour she can also be found parading her wares most weekends around a number of worthy markets in her area.

I have purchased a number of items from www.daisychainbaby.co.uk and have never been disappointed. They wash well and really go the distance withstanding whatever my two mucky pups throw at them, which is nothing short of a full on siege!!! As I am sure any of my mummy friends would testify.

My favourite purchase were the Green Radicals tiger jackets, the amount of positive comments I had about them were amazing. I have had them coming close to a year now and they hardly show any sign of wear, whereas cheaper alternatives I have bought seem to be popping up with mystery little holes in them here, there, and everywhere! The jackets were so nice; the boys did not even show disappointment at getting an item of clothes for Christmas, no sighs of “that’s BORING mummy!” – which says it all really!

Here is a picture of my eldest looking so dapper in his Green Radicals giraffe jacket having managed to secure himself a dance at a wedding we attended.

You really do need to keep an eye on the website as the popular items are snapped up quickly! Alas there would appear to be no more tiger jackets but on the other hand the Little Shrimp green hoodie is looking particularly tempting…

Well my fabulous friend has donated a prize to a follower of my blog. Details of how to enter will be posted tomorrow so watch this space! We have also reviewed the cute kids tights from DaisychainBaby.

Sadly DaisychainBaby has now come to a natural end as the boys godmummy has moved on to pastures new and started up her own blog!

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