Disney on Ice

Almost a month ago we went to see Disney on Ice in the NIA in Birmingham. It was an amazing experience and one I cannot recommend highly enough. My youngest was happy to see Mickey Mouse (he even blew me a kiss he keeps saying!) and the eldest to see Lightning McQueen and the Toy Story gang. Hubbie and I were also kept happily entertained; the talent of the ice skaters was simply spectacular.

We bought one of the cheapest tickets at £18 each and you would not have thought it as our seats had a great view and were very central. So we settled down and watched the all singing, dancing extravaganza! My boys stayed focused and engaged the whole time, which is quite a feat! Even the addition of TinkerBell did not offend the eldest as that section was balanced with plenty of boy fairies that kept him happy!

I would say be careful with the stall holders because before you know it you have bought in our case an epic sized popcorn (enough to feed three families!), 2 x slush in friendly alien heads, giant balloons and a selection of toys… perhaps blindfold the kids until you have run the gauntlet of stalls! I think we spent almost as much on extras as we did on the tickets! But we could have skirted round the stalls if we had been quicker! The boys don’t miss a trick though so were keen to see what they could have.

My only other piece of advice is if you do happen to buy the slush alien heads, be warned that they are basically a clump of ice and whilst chipping away at it my youngest was sending small shards of ice onto the people in front of us! Luckily they were a sympathetic bunch and did not seem to mind!

Our boys keep talking about their visit; whenever they see any of the characters on television they say in chorus I saw them in Disney on Ice. If you haven’t been already book yourself tickets for Disney on Ice next year.

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