Orchard Toys Shopping Trolley Jigsaw Review

If you have not had the pleasure of an Izziwizzi Kids play fest party, hop over to facebook and make sure you join in on the next one (http://www.facebook.com/IzziwizziKids). The play fest is a great opportunity to take part in reviewing toys, watching informative video reviews (helpful for picking the right presents for your children) and having a jolly good chat about toys in general. I used to like taking part but now I enjoy being contacted directly by toy companies and reviewing them on my website. Izziwizzi Kids was a great middleman until so many people started blogging for themselves.

My lucky son, the jigsaw fanatic, was picked to review the Orchard Toys Shopping Trolley jigsaw. We still like jigsaws now but have navigated on to more challenging sets.

Here is his video review:

You can read more of my Orchard Toys reviews by clicking the links, Wild World Lotto, Rhyme Robber and Rocket Game.

Orchard Toys used to be a firm favourite here and looking back at these reviews I feel sad the kids have grown in the blink of an eye! But as first games to introduce your children too you can’t beat Orchard Toys and for us they hold so many wonderful memories.

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