World of YAWNcraft

My husband is on the whole quite adorable apart from one SMALL flaw, he is a little bit obsessed with the World of Warcraft computer game and raids 3 evenings a week, on those nights equipped with headphones I am lucky to get ANY attention. Perhaps I would have more luck if I was a night elf then he would notice me! Here he is in action:

He has been on World of Warcraft detox in the past but he keeps getting suckered back in! I guess its that type of game, they hook you in somehow.

People may say if you can’t beat him then join him but there is only so many times you can complete the same mundane quest like collect three eggs, deliver them to an angry goblin, then slay his pet dragon… you get the jist of the game! I have plenty of boring tasks around the house that might bring about more long term satisfaction! For example collect boys socks, find wash basket, wrestle feral cat to get him in for his dinner… Who needs a game!!! Although no-one gives me any gold when I finish my jobs! Maybe I should go on strike.

Having said that I am currently hooked on the game Plants v’s Zombies (something curiously satisfying about taking on a huge wave of zombies with your wits and a range of friendly happy looking plants!). So perhaps I shall go easy on my hubbie for the time being at least…

It didn’t last as later on I wrote a post about hating World of Warcraft he is now completely cold turkey though in 2017 but I am having an urge to try it again myself. I better not give in to temptation though because I have a feeling both the boys AND hubbie would be playing the game and I would be left with all the housework and no decent conversation!

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