An afternoon spent crafting

Am I the only person that is secretly pleased when I hoover up moon sand! Thinking gleefully less of the stuff for next time!!! I do enjoy getting my hands dirty crafting away with the boys but also hate it in almost equal measures…
So Mister Maker eat your heart out this afternoon we are making dinosaurs. Almost immediately I was concerned as eldest asked if the moulding powder he saw me mix with water “is that milk?”
I was then left stirring moulding powder whilst the boys deserted me for Tomica. Do I lack some special skills to make activities sound fun and engaging… maybe I need a raised Hi-dee-Hi voice?
Odds on I either concrete myself to the worktop or make runny dinosaurs. I was initially pleased with this purchase as it was fairly cheap, but after I factor in the cost of the bowl, spoon and fork I just threw away its not looking such a bargain. It did say use a disposable container but I was not prepared…

I moved the boys onto Cars Mosaic Cubes, these were better with the tiny fiddly pieces there should be plenty of mileage on this activity!!! Cue cup of tea and chocolate time methinks.

Mister Maker I salute you. I have a new respect for your obvious talents.

One thought on “An afternoon spent crafting

  1. I properly love crafting, though I've never tried any kind of modelling kit with my daughter. She does have an actual mister maker set of animals-on-lollysticks which she did with my sister over Christmas. I too hate the clearing up, and your moonsand is my plastercine. ick. Be GONE tiny crumbs of dried up clay of doom!

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