Bad Santa

Santa comes in many shapes and sizes, big beard, little beard, kindly face, face hidden in beard… you get the picture…
I guess if you go to enough grottos there has got to be at least one bad Santa in the midst of the festivities.
Yesterday bemused myself and my fellow mummy friend and was definitely not quite the usual Santa approach we were expecting:
He regaled in stories of how he had been drunk in charge of reindeer after too much sherry
He told our children the contents of their presents before they opened them…
After unwrapping their presents he said left over paper gets put through letterboxes of elderly peoples homes and set on fire… (luckily our children were oblivious to this and were too engaged in their millionth selection box of the season!)
He was elderly himself and can only imagine he was trying to be rock and roll, anyway at this point we made a prompt exit!
Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry, I think it’s turning into one of those weeks! I guess at least he is doing his bit to raise money for another worthy cause and I don’t doubt his good intentions but some people are made to be Santa and some should stick to other pursuits!

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