Bath time fun with Crazy Soap

My lucky boys had a fantastic package in the post today five Crazy Soap products to review. They actually begged for a bath tonight when they saw the delightful new bath products “it’s going to be fun, fun, fun” eldest shouted to the youngest.

He than proceeded to tell his brother we can change our skin different colours. Excited raised voices, “we don’t like pink skin we need blue or red skin. Then we can make bubbly toys with the foam…”.

The only downside of the bath time body paint is you do need to give them a good scrub afterwards, as the colour does stay on quite well, but they loved that!

The foam soap is really pliable and entertaining to make into simple shapes or decorate daddy with and for £2.50 its great value.

The bath goo felt funny to touch, the boys were really interested and it made oodles of lovely bubbles.

All the products smelt pleasant and fruity, not overpowering and my boys did not have any adverse reactions to them, as sometimes they can be quite sensitive to bathing products, so I am very impressed with this range.

If your children are reluctant bathers than these products are what you have been searching for, bath time has never been so much fun! Getting your children back out of the bath is your new problem, my boys were very sad when bath time finished!

Crazy Soap are available from Tesco, Morrisons and Lloyds Pharmacy.

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15 thoughts on “Bath time fun with Crazy Soap

  1. Ohhh I always wonder with these things if they'll change the bath from white to coloured lol – the actual bath – know what I mean…did these?

  2. We have had simialr products but they didnt mould into shape so will defo be looking for this when i go shopping next x

  3. Ive bought the red paint before my daughter loves it but not tried the crazy foam think that might be another hit in the house x

  4. No it didn't stain.  I did take pictures of them in their trunks but decided not to post them, but it was all over those trunks I thought we would have to replace them, but they look great still! So wash fine! x

  5. these look really fun for children , , like you say the problem will be
    getting them back out of the bath , but they will go easily in the next time
    lol x

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