Budkins Review

Today my boys received two of the Budkins characters from Le Toy Van, Raphael the pirate and Billy the cowboy.

They survived a thorough testing similar to the one Buzz and Rex experienced in the Caterpillar Room (only Toy Story fans can appreciate this!). The head, arms and legs were pulled so hard I thought they would come off but no not for these well made characters. The arms, legs and head are adjustable and they can sit in a manner.

The characters are very detailed and great for children’s imagination.

The boys enjoyed playing with them with their duplo instead of their usual lego figures. Raphael and Billy had quite the adventure, being rescued out of the mouth of a savaging T-Rex, riding round in a range of vehicles and going off to work! I also told the boys a story incorporating the characters which is another way they brought a lot of fun to this household.

These little figures would make perfect stocking fillers and the choice of characters is quite staggering. There will be something to appeal to every child’s interest. These characters can be purchased from a range of stockists, a list is provided on the Le Toy Van homepage.

We would rate these great characters 5/5

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