Glow ‘N’ Speak Animal Flashlight

Hippo Torch

The little tikes Glow ‘N’ Speak Animal Flashlight got a very animated response. Out of the box the arguments over who would play with it first were heated and in full swing. After lengthy negotiations we managed to arrange a schedule of taking it in turns.  Yes perhaps I should have thought this through and bought another one to save my sanity.

Hippo was put to good use as they pretended to be camping under their quilts.  My two love making bases, using blankets and hiding away.  Usually with a few snacks, they can amuse themselves for ages in this manner.  The torch has enriched that play, not bad for a bargain price either.

With an age recommendation of 18+ months I thought my two would be sceptical (as they are 4 and a half and almost 3) but given their reaction I think this toy has quite a wide appeal. My eldest certainly had not outgrown it as I possibly first thought. The flashlight was very simple to operate which is also great for children nearer to 18 months.

To operate you squeeze the handle and the hippo opens its mouth, the light comes on and he makes a giggly happy noise and you can hear bubbling water. It’s hard not to smile when the hippo sounds so cheerful (even if your as sleep deprived as I am!).

My eldest is of late a bit nervous of the dark at bedtime but he seemed more reassured tonight knowing Hippo was at hand if needed.

These flashlights come in a lovely variety of different animals; my boys quite fancy a Lion and Tiger too now! Costing from £9.99 they would make great stocking fillers for Christmas.

Toy Rating

We would rate this fab toy 5/5

Thank you to Mummy News for giving us this opportunity to review.

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