Hooray it’s Christmas Eve

Without trying to sound bah humbug I really am pleased:
I don’t think I can stomach another visit to a grotto and feign excitement especially after the bad Santa incident (see here)
Or find the energy to try and stop my boys eating all the contents of their selection box presents in one sitting
Our cupboards cannot bear the weight of any more chocolate (we currently have 5 tins of roses, 2 Cadburys giant gift boxes and a token scattering of other chocolate coated edibles!)
I am running out of places to hide presents, they are currently squished and crammed in every available space taller than my boys
It’s been a LONG week and I want to open the Christmas bottle of Baileys
Thankfully I listened to a mummy friend’s advice and did not save the wrapping till tonight. I had convinced myself it would be very relaxing to do with Christmas music playing, chocolates opened and Baileys in hand… after spending HOURS wrapping last weekend and being bored out of my mind after present number three, it is with pleasure I can relax tonight!
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