Kevin the Crocodile

Proud moment on Friday as the eldest brought home the school crocodile for being a good listener (I wish I could say the same about hubbie normally to be found in World of Warcraft of an evening ignoring my requests for cups of tea! Although today he has man flu give me strength!!!)
Kevin is a very sweet crocodile with a little bag with his own toothbrush and a set of mini books. His job is to listen and you write about what he heard. So if the boys are arguing I say “oooohhhh I think crocodile is listening”. Instant best behaviour!

This is the first time my eldest has had homework and we are both very excited. Although I do wonder if my enthusiasm will be so strong many years later coaxing him to revise for his exams or helping him with tricky Algebra equations…
I guess I should count myself lucky with the perfect timing; we got to keep Kevin for three nights, as his visit fell over the weekend. But still… do I have to give him back?

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