Nature’s Path cereal review

We were kindly sent two boxes of Nature’s Path cereal to review courtesy of the fabulous Mummy News, Munch and O’s. These are suitable for children following a gluten or wheat free diet, neither of which mine are, but if my boys like them it means children on a restricted diet should love them as mine are used to all singing all dancing cereals… (hubbies bad influence I am afraid!)

Youngest on seeing the two boxes was very enthusiastic and said “I want to eat it NOW”. The simple packet appeals to me with just a cute hedgehog, squirrel and rabbit on them, you know your children are enjoying the contents and not just being lured in by glitzy over the top packaging. My eldest really loves rabbits so the O’s were an instant hit.

They were both really tasty in a bowl with milk but we found them to be a great stand-alone snack straight from box. Boys liked them, as they were nice and crunchy. I especially loved the Munch and would happily eat them myself. Although I might find getting the packet off the boys a bit tricky…

The RRP of £2.75 is slightly more than I would normally pay for cereal of these pack sizes, (Munch is 284g and O’s are 325g) but I think it is well worth the extra, as you know your children are getting a quality organic product that is still appealing to them. It is also very reassuring that such pleasant cereals exist for those that are on a gluten or wheat free diet. If this is the case for your family these cereals are not to be overlooked!

Also I was impressed Nature’s Path make a donation to support the work of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, it is nice to hear of companies giving back. But on seeing the picture on the side of the packets my eldest did ask, “Do Gorilla’s eat this?!?”

We would rate these 4.5/5

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