Yesterday the youngest and myself went to the library story time session. It was crowded as there was a special guest, a balloon modeller.

He valiantly tired to teach the 25 children and various parents how to make a Christmas hat complete with reindeer. Balloons were popping all around us while we tried to wrestle them into some kind of shape. The looks of concentration on parents faces as they gave it their all, reluctant to be the last to finish was quite comical.

Throughout the session toddlers were using the balloons to bat each other. More popping of balloons ensued.

Here is our creation:

We had a lovely time despite the chaos. It has got me thinking about children’s entertainers for my boys parties. I am sorely tempted to splash out and book one or should I get hubbie a self help balloon modelling book for Christmas… now there is a thought! If your looking for tips for planning a birthday party do read my latest post, the key is not to get too carried away! It can get very expensive and I speak from experience. But we did hire the balloon entertainer in the end and it was great fun!

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