Santa Watch

December is here and with it an onslaught of visits to see Santa. My first white lie occurred yesterday when the eldest said “he wasn’t real I could see another beard underneath”. “Oh sweetheart,” came my reply “that’s his spare beard if his sleigh is flying in strong winds and the beard blows off he has another ready in case!”…
Eldest seemed content with my response but help it’s the beginning of the end; I hope I can carry on being this creative!
What should I be expecting and can you lovely parents give me some clues on how to deal with those potentially tricky questions please.

6 thoughts on “Santa Watch

  1. Holly made me laugh when she told me about seeing Santa at school. She said "mum, it was not the real santa as his beard was only little". Lol! I told her maybe it hadnt grown much yet, and wud be bigger by xmas! Eeek! Then we saw another Santa in town collecting for charity. She said "Im not speaking to him mum. His beard kept blowing up, hes not the real santa!" Admittedly, he wasnt the most genuine looking of santas!

  2. every xmas, my dads wardrobe key vanished, that was the first sign of xmas, the pressies were inside, when one year i found the key, and sneeked a look, all i saw santa left at xmas, then i stopped beliving, but kept stom, as i still got pressies from santa, but now i have gran children/great gran children santa is back

  3. We always say that they are Santa's stand ins. He sends them as he's too busy getting everything ready at the North Pole to come and see us before Christmas eve. That way it doesn't matter if they are all different 🙂

  4. We went to Father Christmas last night at Colchester Castle, my nephew had a great time had to wait about 40 mins (glad we went when we did as when we left it was about a 2hr + wait!!) only did he tell us after he saw him and left the grotto he forgot to tell him what he wants for Christmas and get really upset! Auntie Heidi to the rescue told him that he know what everyone wants as he has magic powers and my nephew had to think about what he wants very hard so that he sends a special secret message to him right !! worked a treat! Its mad what you can come up with when you have to!!

  5. haha thanks everyone for sharing your stories, made me laugh 🙂 Well saved Heidi (glad you didn't have the 2 hour wait, longest I had was around 40 mins too and that was abit sketchy with my two climbing the walls!) x

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