Tis the season to get comping…

I enjoy comping; I have done so now for over 12 years, admittedly sporadically. I dip in and out and then have a break for months, even on occasion perhaps a year. I am not so keen on this time of year, because of the return of the advent competitions. I should relish all those extra chances to win something nice and shiny but it turns my fun hobbie into more of a chore and sadly I lose my comping mojo!
So I am skimming the list of prizes for items I genuinely would LOVE to win, which might make a big difference to my life as opposed to the usual tat I have been prone to enter in the past. The selective comper is most likely a happy comper.
Where is the joy in unwrapping the latest offering from your postman when its something you ask yourself “WHY DID I ENTER FOR THIS?” As I recently did over an eye lash serum win. I have enough problems trying to care for my skin and take the trouble to moisturise but look after my eye lashes… like that is ever going to happen with two boys under five to chase after!
Loquax is making my life easier with a quick click on the cross I can blank away any beauty, sporting, camping prizes and focus on treats for my family. Loquax I salute you (although the school raffle might miss the random mix of prizes lol!)

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