To camp or not that is the question?

Around now I start thinking about our holiday choices for next year. Is it wrong at the ripe old age of 32 I have never been camping? I am quite partial to the idea, the matching sleeping bags, the marshmallow toasting and the fresh air.

I have however observed the process second hand:

The constant smell of BBQ’s filling the air

The strategic placement of cars and windbreakers to mark campers territory

The fetching drowned rat look sported by campers when their tent has blown away during the night in the blustery welsh winds

The hike to the nearest toilet block building up a sweat due to the sheer distance involved

I do think I would like to get closer to nature but given that the youngest can work a zip, escape might be on the cards. I can imagine him roaming around the countryside looking for mischief. Least he has yet to master the locked door…
So perhaps I shall continue on my journey of enlightenment slowly and plan to stay in a caravan for the first time in 2012 and gradually become more rustic in my approach.
Wish me luck one day I may be a happy camper!

One thought on “To camp or not that is the question?

  1. Im 43yrs old and never been camping. Maybe its something in the genes that screams out for luxury or in the least a toilet that I dont have to share with strangers lol

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