Toddler Month by Month

When I became a new mum I looked forward to the gurgle emails updating me about my children’s development each month, but as fond as I am of them it would be nice on occasion to get a more realistic version. My son is 33 months old and this is what I would have written:

Month 33

This month your child may relish blowing raspberries, ideally in the face of unsuspecting people, at one community event we went to this happened in the face of an elderly resident after she was kindly saying how adorable he was, it was a particularly wet raspberry as well…

They may learn to talk non-stop about boobies and winkies, particularly if they have an older sibling. At times of frustration they may become semi feral, as if raised by a pack of wolves, and thrash themselves on the floor. Your child may develop the ability to have outbursts so loud you think you ears may implode! If your toddler is hungry or tired rectify the problem immediately to avoid further meltdown. Remember to keep a steady supply of tea and cake in the house for your own sanity in these trying times.

Of course there are amazing moments and huge pleasure brought to us by our children but it would be nice sometimes to know we are not the only one going through a particularly tricky stageā€¦

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