Trimming the tree

Was so looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree, but after 5 minutes the boys were bored and the breakables were being brandished in a disturbing manner around the room.
Poor penguin tea light holder looked quite alarmed and the Christmas songs were drowned out by shouts of “I had that!”
Hubbie made us empty all the boxes looking for a missing tree branch, which after a LONG time he then realised, was just a grove in the design and not requiring a branch…
The eldest gave it his best, spreading his allocation of tree branches proudly but in the opposite direction of the rest of us. Bless him! They went to the back of the tree, but we did not change them, its nice he wants to be involved. He compared the process to peeling a banana so you can imagine how it looks!
Thankfully when the tinsel came out youngest was like a magpie and mesmerised by all the shiny things, that is until he stuffed a bit of packaging up his nose. Hubbie had to calmly get him to snort it out, when I am all of a panic.
So much for a calm relaxing family event, maybe next year…

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