We survived Christmas 2011

On placing the stockings on their door at the grandparents’ house I managed to make an all mighty crash, I breathed in and prayed the boys did not hear it before I had to scarper. Luckily they slept on which was a huge relief as I cannot go anywhere in a hurry in my slipper boots, which are far too big without tripping onto my face…

Last year we had to commandeer the grandparents’ dog to help out with the unwrapping. This year both boys were experienced in the art of unwrapping and made quick work getting through the presents off Santa, family and friends.

Here she is feeling rather redundant but enjoying a nap:

Despite this we still hit the wall of fatigue around 1pm and none of us could find the energy to unpack and remove the ties of yet another toy, let alone find the strength to help play with them… until of course we ate copious amounts of Roses and then we were good to go again.

Most of the presents were a huge success, except the expensive Scaletrix and a few others as the boys wanted the wrapping paper off them to collect with their robot arm. I guess we should be pleased least this Christmas they really wanted to help tidy up!!! And for the princely sum of £4.99 it worked out cheaper than hiring a cleaner.

It was refreshing seeing many of the plastic ties holding the toys in place being replaced with string, although think my mum was secretly disappointed as she thinks they are great for sealing bags of food!

I was a rebel this year and did not have my one sprout of tradition; I put my foot down and refused! I think at 33 now I should make a standpoint against the vile little green vegetables.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas day or at the very least survived it…

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