Working out in STYLE with Davina for Next

When it comes to exercise I must admit I am a bit like Garfield. Luckily I must have a high metabolism as regardless of how much cake or chocolate I chomp on I manage to keep a constant weight. Yet just because I look thin (okay thinish!) does not mean I actually am healthy.

Given how many calories I have ingested to support me through those many sleepless night with my boys I should get into fitness, to hopefully live a long happy healthy life with them. Plus seeing as I send my eldest to swimming, gymnastics and ball skills on a weekly basis it only seems fair that I am a good role model and take up a regular form of exercise.

So along with driving, cooking, I think I need to bundle in working out with those New Year resolutions. To achieve this aim I think I need a new fetching workout kit, so was very excited to hear about the announcement of The Davina for Next collection, what better timing!

I have fallen in love with the Charcoal Cuffed Joggers, £25 and the colourful vests £18 each. It’s hard to pick my favourite I might just need to try them all! Davina has also taken care of all the important little extras like a place to keep your MP3 player and reflective strips to ensure safety if you are prone to early morning jogs.

Exercise need not be painful, with dual density mid sole technology (gosh that was a mouthful!) reducing fatigue and supporting your joints. Exercising is no longer a chore but enjoyable and comfortable. I think given this the White Sports Trainers, are a bargain at £45 (Santa I NEED these hint hint!).

I can visualise myself doing stretches and plunges wearing these lovely numbers. Even an exerciser avoider like me could live the dream! Wait till my mummy friends see me, they will all be off to Next quick smart to get their own! I would be sorely tempted to return to my Zumba sessions in these.

And best of all this is workout gear you will not be embarassed to answer the door too. If my postman knocks mid dvd workout no more hanging my head in shame in my usual old worn out oversized joggers! I will flaunt my fabulous style.

Available to buy online at Next and instore from Spring 2012.

3 thoughts on “Working out in STYLE with Davina for Next

  1. Ohhh don't mention the E word just yet!!! Haha!! Actually I have found a 500 calorie burn exercise routine in one of my mags for Boxing Day aherm! I didn't know Next sold exercise clothing – must take a look – love Davine too – her workouts are awesome!!

  2. Ooh this looks a brill range for Next. Will deffo have to take a peek and see the rest of her range! I need to start excercising again ….maybe this is the motivation I need. 😉 x

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