Writing to Santa

By some backward reasoning I actually chose my boys Christmas presents throughout the year (taking advantage of various sales) then today in the process of writing to Santa, I tried to align what they wanted with what I had bought!
Youngest worked like a treat, anything I hinted at he nodded in delight with a happy sparkle in his eye. Eldest was another story entirely. He was most particular about what Santa would bring, I was not allowed to keep it vague. However I guess I got off fairly lightly with it only costing an extra £50, but next year I might not be so lucky…
In 2012 I will start my Christmas shopping AFTER we have wrote to Santa. Although hopefully that doesn’t result in a future blog post “Everything out of stock or only available at inflated prices help!”

2 thoughts on “Writing to Santa

  1. There is a lovely website called portable North Pole that does a little "naughty or nice" video that it emails to you – your child's face appears in Santa's book and you can include little personal details too & photos of holidays etc. Also you can include (it's optional) an idea of what you are hoping Santa will bring! Very sweet!

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