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I had my first reviewing faux pas the other day when I was so excited to be reviewing the gorgeous Cupcakes from BabyBlooms, I planned on dropping one in the bath and so it was with relief I found out before I ended up in a bath with a soggy pair of baby pyjamas!

But this set is just so sweet you would have no idea it is baby clothing, so I think you will forgive me for my blunder.

If I had plans to have anymore children I could not go back to receiving new baby gifts any other way. This is how gifts to new parents should be presented. Just looking at them would keep a smile on your face when your exhausted and living through the four hourly feeds…

I mean just take a look at these:

It works out quite affordable too this bouquet costs £39.99 but your giving a present to the mother and child in one foul swoop, they can admire the “flowers” and then use the hat, socks, body suits and scratch mittens when needed. Or keep it as it is and save a fortune on buying fresh flowers!!!

My boys were also sent a Billy Magnetic Dress Up Set (RRP £12.50) to review which helped them play nicely together this morning whilst I was waking up with my morning cup of tea.

For that I am eternally grateful!

I would recommend this set for a nice gift as they can dress Billy in clothes from all their favourite roles, like a fireman, builder and superhero. The pieces were strong and well made so would survive the heavy handedness of my youngest who is prone to giving all new toys an honorary bite to test them.

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  1. It is in a pre-school toys section, but I love the idea of it being renamed as that instead, definately saves on jealousy getting them a gift too 🙂 x

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