Blog envy…

Not so sure if its envy so much as awe of other peoples blogs. I have been admiring all the lovely badges and widgets with a sense of wonder as a newly fledged blogger.


Gradually I began to add a few extra gadgets to my own blog and suddenly I am completely hooked I want EVERYTHING!

At this rate I will be an established hoarder and you will be lucky to find any content on there somewhere amongst all the badges. So quick get commenting on my blog posts whilst you have a chance…


Soon you will have to manoeuvre precariously round my site in an effort to find me wedged between a Next blogger network badge, a BritMums badge and anything else I find that’s nice and shiny! I must admit I am quite partial to the bunny logo of Love All Blogs.



If anyone can offer some advice to curb my badge cravings please suggest it now. Or if Toys R Us would like to add Toyologist to my badge museum I can breathe in and make room just for you!

5 thoughts on “Blog envy…

  1. Hi 🙂 I love your badges 🙂 and I can't seem to get them on my blog ! I try but I'm a real techo fail ! Never worry I reckon 'more is less' 😉 xx

  2. Hi Helen, just read your review and watched the film 🙂 very cute 🙂 Thanks least if its around Easter time I might focus my energies on applying rather than helping the boys eat their easter eggs 😉 x

  3. Poshbird if you need help I will get hubbie to walk you through what you need to do, he is my official IT helper and tea maker 🙂 Please get hooked like me and then we can start up a badge hoarding therapy support group, get loads of followers and take over the world!!! x

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