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Without further ado let me introduce you to our second Maps Toys review, this time we had Build it with Bob is just perfect for our two budding builders. Shame I did not have any hard hats to accessorize them with for the pictures…

The set is simple to get started, there is not much in the way of preparation.

My husband was worried we would be making each brick from scratch, fortunately not. Am not sure why he was under that impression but was funny to see his worried face.

In actual fact preparation was quick.  A dessert spoonful of water in the provided bowl and the cement was ready.

We tested the set for children 3+. It is a great set for helping them take turns and share, as there is one trowel. It worked well for mine as eldest kept saying well done and giving the youngest lots of praise.

The end result

Bob seemed quite happy to live there.  You can make lots more ambitious projects depending on the age of your children or how much you lend a helping hand. I had to hold hubbie back as he would have hogged the whole activity given half a chance.  It really is that fun.

The bricks in the set can be washed in warm water then re-used again and again. This is one toy I think my boys will never tire of and one I plan to add to with more bricks and cement in the future. Just you wait one day Bob will have a roof over his head, a conservatory and a garage (oh and a shed to escape from Wendy!).

The Build it with Bob section of the website is still under construction, not sure if they intended to be funny. I would recommend checking back but in the meantime you can still purchase it at the following stockists.  I really recommend getting an order in with Firebox quick whilst its on offer at £8.79 (normally £10.99).

Our Score

We score this toy 5/5

3 thoughts on “Build it with Bob Review

  1. Yes there were 30 bricks, but they are washable and can be used again and again so I thought it was a good price.  You can make a house its just my boys stacked them around randomly.  Bob is hiding some bricks behind him too 🙂

  2. this looks brill! any budding builders would be thrilled with this! 🙂  Would have even more play value with more bricks too. 

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