Bullying A Parent’s Guide Review

I am quite happy living in my bubble where only nice things happen. Bullying is not something any parent likes to think would happen to their cherished children. But the sad reality is it is a common problem in most, if not all, schools.

Given that I cried today reading Floss the Sheepdog to my youngest (he had to live outside and couldn’t play ball with the children when he wanted to, it was very emotional. Well for me anyway!), I bet I will struggle when it comes to dealing with the BIG issues.

So it is good I am armed with this book from Mummy News to review, so I have somewhere to turn to for advice and to increase my awareness. As it as been written by a survivor of bullying, it seems very grounded in solid practical advice, and not by some clueless academic who has not experienced bullying first hand.

The book gives you suggestions on how to build your child’s self esteem so they are better equipped to deal with bullies. The book is also scattered with lots of examples of children’s experiences of being bullied, which is heartbreaking to read, but also informative.

I was a natural target myself at school, a bit nerdy, wore glasses (a lot to be said for having laser eye surgery!) and attired in clothes that on balance were not fashionable for their time. I managed to make some key friends and survive the experience.

Knowledge is power, this book will help you recognise the signs if your child is being bullied and hiding it from you and teach you the tactics to get them to open up to you.

The book can be currently purchased from Amazon for a bargain of £8.99. At this price its quite affordable for every parent to purchase it ready just incase. I hope that you may never need it, but it will be available for support and help for your child if required.

Can I go back in my bubble now?

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