Completely Clueless

I must admit to driving hubbie round the bend and holding him hostage for his knowledge of gadgetry and technology.
My IT skills are basic and that’s just me being kind. Don’t get me wrong I would be lost without my computer, I just cannot do anything fancy aside from turn it on, find word and start typing.
If an ERROR message appears, hubbie gets the computer into his manly hands, has a tinker and the computer accepts its fate, it will work again. If not he whips out the Hoover and gives it a quick clean inside… I just watch in awe of his superpowers!

Over to hubbie
“I do not mean to offend the many mummy readers but there is a stark difference between men and woman when it comes to gadgets and tech.
For us men this is fantastic, basking in the glory of fine crystal clear picture and vivid colours
For the ladies – What? Huh? Looks the same as before!
For us men we revel in the great features, magnificent images, and commentary
For the ladies – What? Huh? Looks the same as before!
The list goes on…
Anyway back to the cage where she keeps me until the next gadget breaks, the computer ceases or she wants me to help one of her blogging friends”
I just have no appreciation of fancy technology; hubbie goes all huffy I cannot see a difference. Am not sure if it’s just my lady eyes? Are men’s eyes built for appreciating extra pixels? Or are they just more prone to being suckered in by “technological” improvement jargon!
The same with a DVD and blu ray I was none the wiser, he gasped in wonderment and I just looked at him strangely. Still looks completely the same… just with a fancy price tag!
So how come I cannot see what the fandango is about…

5 thoughts on “Completely Clueless

  1. LMAO brillent I think your right K men are suckered into aspiring to the next technology with a huge price difference and only a small visual difference, a man never likes to be out done by another man by the size and quality of his gadgets lol

    That aside your hubby it a wiz at IT and deserves to be let out of the cage and on your blog more he is so funny. Ps I love my Welsh IT support.

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