Dioctipoid Review

Yesterday we received two Dioctipoids to review, level 1.0 and level 2.0 (difficulty levels). I volunteered the testing over to hubbie, as he is a huge fan of these types of puzzles. Having handled many a Rubik cube in his time.

He surprised me and chose level 2.0, over confident to the extreme, I would have started slowly with level 1.0, but he dived in! You are meant to mix up the puzzle and return it to its natural state you purchased it in, with a series of rotations.

These puzzles are recommended for children aged 8+. I would be very impressed to find an 8 year old to solve this though. Hubbie is still looking very perplexed this morning and he has been at it for AGES (he did have some sleep in between!).

I liked them because of all the pretty colours and the fact they have kept hubbie out of mischief for so long. But I will be putting them to good use myself in an attempt to banish the dust bunnies taking residence in my under utilised brain…

These retail for £18.49 and can be purchased directly from the website through paypal, quickly and easily or through Amazon. There are also more detailed instructions to help you on your mission to solve these tricky puzzles. Am not sure if I am going to volunteer the location of the instructions to hubbie or just enjoy watching him struggle on!

These puzzles are very sturdy. But I would not leave them around my toddler, as he would probably start an impromptu game of football…

If like me you love a good competition then you will also be pleased to hear that each puzzle comes with a token to enter on the website for a chance to win a Swiss bank account. I quite fancy one of them, will have to get hubbie to up his game!

I think they would make a great present for a husband to keep them nice and quiet or if you have an 8+ year old just think of the mileage you will get out of this puzzle, they might be celebrating their 18th birthday and still at it! Actually I am sure an 8 year old would do a better job than hubbie…

We rate these puzzles 4/5

21 thoughts on “Dioctipoid Review

  1. This is just fantastic, say you could spend hours of fun with take, the 2 kids, hubby i am sure could crack it. Could even do a little video if we do!

  2. Wow this looks great 🙂
    If I won I'd give it o my mum as she loves puzzles and this would keep her happy for hours. Wow brings back memories of the rubix

  3. Oh my looks fantastic i played for hours with the rubix when i was younger so addictive, this looks so modern would love to have ago

  4. This would be perfect for my little girl Elle, who's 8 – she is extremely concientious and she would be so determined to solve the puzzle – it appears to be a fabulous step forward from the Rubix Cube!

  5. What a great game. Not for me mind you, I havent got the patience anymore. I bought my family a load of wooden games for Christmas and it keeps them quiet for ages! This game would have to be given to first one who solves it lol. Bright colourful and a new twist on the Rubick xx

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