Fancy Dress Outfitters Review

My eldest is a huge Mario fan so we leapt at the chance to put this costume into action.

He wore it proudly shooting us all with firebombs, like on the game he so adores, after he spent a considerable time admiring himself in the mirror of course!

The costume retails at £27.70, which I think is a fair price considering your getting a quality well made outfit AND letting your children live their dreams (which has got to be priceless!). It even comes complete with an inflatable belly and the comedy moustache much to the amusement of my eldest.

There are plenty of bland and cheaply made outfits out there but if you want one built to last then definitely pay a visit to Fancy Dress Outfitters. Just think how much it will help your children, all that imaginary play, helping their growth and development, it would be rude not to purchase them a whole wardrobe of costumes. When they are a Creative Executive for some multi million pound company you know you did your bit!

No matter the occasion, you will find something suitable, whatever your budget. I wish I had found them sooner. That outfit would have completed eldest’s Mario birthday party earlier in the year perfectly!

I wonder how much leverage I could get out of hubbie if I invested in one of these, do you think I could get him to break his World of Warcraft habit?

We score the Mario Outift 5/5

If your quick they have a competition ending tomorrow to win a Batman children’s costume (closes at 9am), see the sweepstakes tab on facebook.

2 thoughts on “Fancy Dress Outfitters Review

  1. Wow! He looks fab in his mario outfit! 🙂 Seems like a really well made suit and he looks like he loves it!  And I would say invest….lol! 😉  x

  2. Love the Mario outfit lol!  My ex (yes ex, lol) went on a Stag weekend to Prauge a few years back.  The weekend theme was 'The Flintsones' so my ex purchased the Bamm Bamm costume for that site.  It was the Latex feet that had me in stitches!  They had a great weekend apparently and got up to loads of mischief (as expected!)

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