Fashion designer for the stars

Courtesy of one of the boys Christmas presents off their godmummy, we have found the calling in life for our youngest.

There is a new designer in town! Move over Yohji Yamamoto (yes I had to google that!)

We now also have an exclusive range of underpants for the fashion conscious.

To be fair I think it will be a very limited run as the creative genius behind the brand is now more interested in lining up his fantastic fabric pens and counting them…

Sigh oh well fame and fortune are often short lived especially when relying on a temperamental artist!

3 thoughts on “Fashion designer for the stars

  1. I think you need to invest in some of these pens to jazz up your own underwear now, am sure Peter would be very taken with such snazzy work 😉 Thanks for them hunny! x

  2. You can iron for instant drying or let it dry naturally for 24 hours it said, not washed them yet, just displaying them proudly lol! x

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