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A grey gloomy day found me rummaging in the craft box again. Santa had given the boys a Crayola 3D sidewalk chalk set, so thought we would put that to good use. Well eldest was a bit disappointed as the 3D element was sadly lacking, even following the useful guide. They were still great chalks and the boys enjoyed colouring in, but it wasn’t quite the WOW factor we hoped for! As a parent nearing the end of the Christmas holiday I was clinging on for something extra amazing to keep us going till school resumes…

Youngest went back to decorating the house with some stickers he found in the craft box. I have long given up trying to restrain his artistic flair to paper alone, his bedroom and playroom particularly are covered with a generous scattering of various stickers. I am pleased to announce we are a sticker-supporting household! It would be nice if they were the large wall stickers designed especially for that purpose rather than small tatty half peeling off ones or stacks of stickers in one attractive pile, but hey as a parent I have long learnt not be too precious about the state of the house!

Weather improved and the boys had two friends over, decided to try the chalks outside to give them a fair trial seeing as they did say outdoor chalks after all. Not sure if it was the lighter path or the natural light but they did work much better. “So cool, coming off the ground” was the new response!

I won’t be writing a letter of complaint to Santa about poorly chosen Christmas presents just yet…
Anyone letting out a silent cheer that school is back today?

4 thoughts on “Home Decorating

  1. Silent cheer? I'm shouting a huge HOORAH from the rooftops that preschool starts again today. I love having them both at home, but I also really love having 3 hours a day of only looking after one small child.

  2. I am always looking for ideas to keep the kids going. Up here in Scotland we have till the 10th Jan next Tuesday as it is inservice day next monday.

    what is all the in service stuff about

  3. Loving your blog 🙂 Thanks for the hello. Your bit about sticking stickers all over the house really made me chuckle. My husband (now 36) was a huge sticker fan as a kid. The entire 2nd floor of their family house is STILL plastered in stickers he added as a small child (like probably close to 100). Now i'm not saying that they need to redecorate anything (much) 😉 but it is rather funny!!!

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