Hooray for chocolate

It’s so nice to be back in doors, so I can slowly defrost. I had the start of hypothermia nipping at my heels, whilst myself and the youngest explored the sand dunes for over an hour ensuring he met his fresh air quota!

It was like walking the gauntlet just with the sheer amount of dog mess everywhere! I love the beach but I do not love the inconsiderate dog owners, who make it a nightmare with an inquisitive toddler, more than once in this family sand castles have been decorated by dried out poo, that the boys have mistook for stones…

So today I took a metal spoon with us and told youngest to search for treasure, but put myself on constant “poo watch”. After digging up large stretches of the beach I did finally manage to persuade him to leave for the warmer climes of our central heated house!

On arrival home he promptly emptied the sand contained in his Wellingtons on to the carpet.

And then started his next series of WHY questions…

All this after a sleep-deprived night as youngest kindly shared our bed as he was coughing from 3am, is leaving me a little fraught!

I think its time to crack open the chocolate, luckily Kit Kat has sent me some samples to test. They may just have saved my sanity…

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