In Search of Sick

Yes as strange as it sounds this is quite a HUGE pastime of my hubbies.

Has the Missing Sleep household finally gone mad? Cracked under the pressure of blogging.
Alas no…
Every time we go for a walk on the beach, which is quite often, given as it is literally on our doorstep. Hubbie is looking for sick, but not any sick. The particular brand he is interested in is whale sick.
It is a hugely lucrative business as it is used to make perfume and is rare to find.
But I cannot say I am overly pleased hubbie is combing the beach for something hard and black/brown looking… in my opinion it’s just asking for trouble! The yellow marigolds doing little to improve his street cred!
I keep nudging him to invest in a metal detector instead; least then he might find me some delicate jewellery or a gold coin. Instead I face the embarrassment of him prodding anything that loosely fits into the hard and brown category with a stick…

We have yet to make our millions, wish us luck!

5 thoughts on “In Search of Sick

  1. LOL!!! Hope he finds some soon – and not any of that stuff the boys inadvertently used to decorate their sand castles!!!!! (YUK)

  2. Haha! My hubby also does this down 'our beach'! I thought he was the only one………Glad to learn hes not alone! 

  3. I never knew whale sick looked like that – I thought all the hard brown stuff had been left by dogs with bad owners 🙂

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